Thursday, November 24, 2011

there are good things.

I love my family, and I love this series of photos taken for my parents' Christmas card two years ago. We are a happy bunch, and I can't wait to spend an entire weekend with everyone. 

This year, I am so grateful for...

- Quiet vacations
- The promise of an eternity full of good things
- A creative Creator
- A husband who is my very best friend
- Excellent marriages
- Friendship with my brother
- A home that makes others feel welcome
- Redemption
- Blogging-turned-real-life friends
- Writing as worship
- A peace-filled holiday season
- This very, very, very good life

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. May yours be full of the very best things.


denise* paper angels said...

happy thanksgiving annie :) your family looks like a fun team :) xx

Jennifer said...

Aw, your family is so cute! I love these photos!

Sabrina said...

What wonderful pictures! It was an answered prayer to get to see you this weekend. Have a fantastic week!

Megan Elizabeth said...

these pictures are so cute!

Kelly Sauer said...

I completely love your smile. And I am grateful for time to FINALLY catch up with your blog again this evening. I love reading you - you are such a safe place for my heart, living your very, very good life full in Him!