Monday, November 7, 2011

home inspiration.

{photos by King Au for Better Homes and Gardens}

Let's ease into the week, shall we? 

I came across the home of interior designer Amy Meier on Pinterest and through some internet sleuthing skills was able to find the entire article, featured in Better Homes and Gardens this past January. I think Meier may have moved since the article was published, but I'm still digging all of the details: the farmhouse-style kitchen table, dark wood floors with colorful rugs, clear food canisters, and built-in shelving galore. 

The entry way might be my favorite, though, probably because it looks simple enough to incorporate its elements into our own home: an oversized basket for shoes, peg rack for leashes and keys, and quirky paintings on the wall.

I think that's the key with decorating and DIY magazines, with blogs and Pinterest: At some point, you've got to translate that inspiration into something tangible. Otherwise, it's just another time-suck. I mean, I like wasting time as much as the next person, but ultimately, I need to get off my couch and do something. 


Are you on Pinterest? What do you use it for? Have you taken that inspiration and created something?

If you're on Pinterest, you can find me here.


Kari said...

We have used several recipes from Pinterest! And on Saturday I bought something I had been coveting that I pinned.

I try not to pin things that I know I won't ever possibly do. There are some future things for Atticus that I plan to do. I want to make a beanbag for his closet and turn it into a nice little reading area (he has a big closet). But he's kind of little for that right now anyway.

Staley Mc said...

Better Homes and Gardens has had some major design inspiration in it lately! These rooms are gorgeous!

I feel like that's true with anything on Pinterest whether it's home or fashion or DIY crafts, you should try and turn it into something. Since I don't have my own home, it's hard to do that but I have taken some of the crafts I've pinned and made them and some of the outfits have influenced me!

Elizabeth Dean said...

I loved the curtains!

monster cakes said...

Initially I thought I'd use it for fashion inspiration, but I've found that my cooking skills have soared since Pinterest entered my life. I have been trying new recipes every single week. It's been fun.

Sydney said...

I absolutely LOVE pinterest! I print off the quote images that I find and put them above my desk, it helps keep me motivated. I also have found myself looking at it in the morning to help me figure out what to wear

Sabrina said...

:) I got distracted by that fab purse hanging on the hook:) After investigating I have joined Pinterest so that I can keep track of ideas and things for my future office. I like it.....but could see how it could take over your time....and I already have Facebook for that;)

Erin said...

I love pinning. And, I do use the pins, too. Well, some of them. Mostly the preschool ideas for my kids. I've made recipes from pins, too.
I love the cocktail corner here, with the eye chart. Looks cool, & it is witty, too.