Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 days || eighteen: a lesson in celebration.

I spent this past Saturday night in the company of teenagers, dancing the night away, refilling food trays, taking pictures, and generally merry-making on behalf of my little fuzzy, who turned 18 last week.

Here’s the thing: I cannot dance. So when my cousin mentioned her desire to have a raucous rainbow dance party (like, oh, someone else I know), I got a little nervous for her.

Because sometimes the celebration we want to have isn’t the celebration we can have.

You can’t have a raucous dance party if all of your friends are rhythmically-challenged. (Hence my own 25th birthday party quickly becoming a classy dinner party instead.)

But my cousin was adamant, and because my family is in the business of making things happen, we got to work.

And you know what?

Turns out, sometimes the celebration you want to have is exactly the celebration you can have.

It just might take a little work, a lot of determination, and an imagination big enough to conquer a small budget.

(Good music and a DJ willing to make a fool of himself are helpful as well. Good thing my husband fit the bill.)

I set out on Saturday night to teach my cousin a lesson in celebration, in what it means to celebrate every moment, every year we’re given.

She wound up teaching me instead.

The lesson? Don’t be afraid to celebrate the way you want to. Most people -- the ones that love you -- will happily come along for the ride.


aunt lisa said...

what a great post! so much fun and love those pics. you are the best fuzzy and awesome niece. could not have done it without you.thanks!

mary kate said...

that is so sweet! I love all the photobooth pictures with the props :)

monster cakes said...

Oh yey! You had a dance party! We all know how much I love dance parties. I hope you had fun shakin' your thang and gettin' jiggy with it. ; )

Megan Elizabeth said...

how did you do the photo booth idea??

Annie said...

that sounds so fun! one of the things my friends and i did a lot my first years of college was have dance parties in our dorm and go to some hosted by various organizations around campus. this post and remembering that makes me want to get up and go dancing now!

the fuzzin said...

thanks for all you did with the party. it was so fun and we definitely could not have done it without your awesome skills! :)

Julianne said...

I love this Annie! Looks like a really fun party, I'm loving the props! :)