Monday, September 26, 2011

guest post.

{image from work is not a job}

Good morning!

I've got lots of photos of a very autumn home to show you, but until I get those uploaded, check out my guest post today over on Annie's blog. She asked all of her guest posters to develop a post about writing, and what flew out of my hands and onto the screen was probably the last thing I expected. (Hint: I reference Sister Act II.) I'm happy with it, though. Really happy with it. You can check out my post here, and you can follow Annie's other guest writers -- and her own 31 days project -- at her blog, Annie's Musings.

And while we're on the subject, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my topic for 31 days. To be honest, I'm still not quite sure what I want to tackle for that extended period of time. There was a definite consensus -- so many of you suggested posts on love and marriage and dating and singleness -- but I'm not sure it's really what I'm most passionate about these days. (I find that my best posts are written when I'm fired up about something, and lately? Well, lately, I've been pretty content. Great for my well-being, I think, but not so great for passionate discourse.) Anyway, I still have some ideas, and who knows? Maybe I'll wind up covering love and marriage and dating after all.

We're getting down to the wire here, so I'll have to decide soon enough.

Until then, happy Monday! Hope things are feeling very fall where you are!


whitney johnson said...

great job on your guest post! and can't wait to see what you decide on for your 31 days project :)

Grace-and-Glory said...

Hello Annie! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your guest post over at Annie's Musings.... I linked to it from my little corner of the web. =)