Wednesday, September 21, 2011


{photo by Leslie Thomson}

Despite our temperatures that are capping out well into the 80s, this weekend will officially mark the beginning of my favorite season.

That's not a title I bestow lightly, by the way. I am a lover of all seasons. Summer, with its carefree days and trips to the beach. Spring and its spectacular colors and mild temperatures. Winter with cozy clouds and Saturdays spent under the covers. But fall... Fall brings cute clothes and times of rest. It welcomes routines that replace summer chaos, favorite movies and dinners from the crockpot.

Before there were blogs and colored tights, before Pinterest boards and my own home to decorate, I loved fall. I think it must be the anticipation of the new season. For Floridians, summer extends well past its scheduled departure in September. There are years where we have had to wait months for autumn to arrive in all its glory, and even then there might not be falling leaves or temperatures perfect for hot chocolate drinking.

We find our ways to cope, though. Scented candles and pumpkins found at JoAnn's. Wreathes and scary movies. Lightweight cardigan sweaters and potted mums.

As I've listened to my northern neighbors begin to describe all the things I'm still stuck anticipating, I've felt a little twinge of worry, because here, fall is by far the shortest season. Before we know it, Thanksgiving has arrived and with it, the holidays and all the joy they bring. This year, especially, I'm concerned my beloved autumn will turn into nothing but a whisper, a faded month on a calendar whose pages have long been turned.

See, in the middle of all of my plans and resolutions, I have quietly been planning the wedding of a friend. What began as a graphic design opportunity has morphed me into a full-fledged J.Lo, and with the wedding date looming closer and closer, I'm afraid October will not be filled with calm days and apple-scented nights. Instead, I will be hustling and bustling about town, scratching things off of a bride's to-do list, praying the photographer and the caterer show up on time.

This weekend, the last before the month of the wedding, I plan to take things slowly. I've armed myself with a few DIY projects and decorating ideas, and my hope is that come Sunday evening, our home will be full of reminders of the season: pom pom wreathes and chalkboard signs, ceramic pumpkins and bowls of candy corn. I want to enjoy every weekend of the passing autumn, and I think decorating my home is just as good a place to start as any.


So, what do you do to prepare for the arrival of fall? Any decorating tips to share?


Senja said...

I don't really prepare for fall, but I love this season here in Sweden as it is already getting darker earlier and it's so cozy. I love to have candles up and sit on the couch with husband.

Ah, I love fall!

(But I don't love taking care of the garden with all the leaves..)

monster cakes said...

I don't decorate much for each season, but thanks to pinterest, I'm thinking I need some pumpkins around the house. So much cuteness. Oh and always have a plethora of candles burning. It's a must. Hope you are still able to enjoy your favorite season doll face!

Brittany said...

Oh man I loved fall before it was trendy too. And I always prefer calling it "autumn."

During college, I picked up fallen leaves that I loved off of the sidewalk and hung them in my window. I want to do the same this year--but my friend recently told me that if you dip them in wax, the color will last forever! Can't wait to try it.

Annie said...

i love fall. {i am not much for seasonal or holiday decorating though, so unfortunately i have no tips to offer you.} but i definitely get excited about candy corn, turning leaves, Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie.

my worry with fall is that it, too, slips quickly by in michigan. august slips away in a blaze of fiery glory and for the next month we have some fall, some pre-winter, and the occasional indian summer day. i've already turned my windshield wipers on to find most of what was on the windshield was not condensation but ice. and that, to me, isn't fall. so this season, i'm hoping for some real autumn, but also hoping that however much of it we get this year, i'm able to put aside the to-do list and enjoy it.

Kristen said...

Every year for fall my sister an I have movie marathons starting with You've Got Mail, Harry Potter, and then the Gilmore Girls seasons. It's quite festive for us, and of course we do this while knitting.

..and eating all kinds of sugary baked goods.

Laken said...

We're kindred spirits. That's all there is to it.

Betsy said...

Fall is by far my favorite season too! Every year I ring in the season by eating a pumpkin scone and drinking a chai latte w/ caramel for breakfast and baking pumpkin bread for after-dinner dessert on the first official calendar day of fall (which, this year, is this Friday!). I'll light some apple-scented candles, get my scarves out of storage, and settle down for a good movie/tv show (You've Got Mail, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Lord of the Rings are some 'fall' favorites).

Sigh. I've been waiting for this since last fall :)

melissa said...

Helping plan weddings is so much fun. My roommate just recently got engaged and I've got to be a part of the wedding process!

Actually, my recent post is part II of their engagement shots. We should show the actual Save the Date photos but, weddings are just so lovely.

Good luck on helping the bride!

PS Your blog is so lovely. I'm definitely following now.

Anonymous said...

Fall is certainly the best. Stick a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils on your table and you'll be all set :)

Sabrina said...

Good Luck with the wedding coming up! You stay busy Mrs. Annie!

Jennifer said...

Fall is definitely my favorite. I grew up in FL, so we never had much of this lovely season. I usually put up a wreath, light pumpkin candles and make plenty of pumpkin bread!

Julie said...

When I was little I loved fall with a zest that was hard to control. Now I still find myself slowing down and enjoying the beauty that fall is. The leaves slowly changing color and the crisp scent in the air. It is my favorite of all favorite memories:) Happy fall to you!