Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happiness is.

 {photo by One Love Photo via Snippet & Ink}

happiness is...

long talks with good friends
dreams of autumn vacations
plans for out-of-town guests
scheduled trips to seaside
miraculous breezes in the middle of hot august days
late night yogurt runs
precious little ones with chubby cheeks
realizing it's already wednesday
emails from those i love
yummy cupcakes
brand new planners
the hope of the weekend
meeting new faces
watching a good movie
comfy clothes
a nap on the couch

what's making you happy today?


Staley Mc said...

Brand new planners are the best!! What's been making me happy has been cooler weather that has come through Alabama this week, it's no fall but there is a breeze and it's so nice!

Anonymous said...

So many of these would be on my list too. Getting a new planner = the best, haha. As well as long talks with friends, comfy clothes, and yummy cupcakes :) What's making me happy today is a somewhat-spontaneous beach trip with my mom!

sherri lynn said...

This is such a great list! Sunshine, the pool with a friend this afternoon, all of the laundry done, and our cake dome filled with fresh blueberry muffins all are making me happy!

Elizabeth Dean said...

New school supplies
single-layer cake recipes for Sunday
a break in the weather
an open window
working on a puzzle
zumba and yoga in one day!

monster cakes said...

OH goodie! Today...

waking to my pups snuggling together.
the perfect cup of coffee.
a devotional that i so needed to hear.
blueberries in my oatmeal.
the giant sequin heart pin in my hair.
a silly tweet from you!
knowing God watched over my hubby at the fire station last night.
a hair appointment involving pink streaks planned for this evening.
air conditioning in my car.

And that's just this morning. : )

chet said...

Ethos Church
long, late night bike rides around Nashville
the fact that I need a sweatshirt during said bike rides
Active Child's "Hang On" from his upcoming album You Are All I See...look it up, I think you'll like it!

looking forward to your call!

Chelsea said...

I love posts like this - when people reflect on happiness in their lives, especially the small things. Great list :) love your blog.

Sydney Davis said...

Grinning from ear to ear right now! so awesome

Four Flights said...

I love your list a lot, a lot :) spending the day with my sister in law and the kids made me happy today

Betsy said...

sweet tea
a clean apartment
snuggly kitties
leftover Thai food
Josh Garrel's newest album
deep conversations
candles that smell like fall

Erin said...

Oh! I want to see the Help!! I will probably have to wait for dvd. I went to see Captain America with my guy & our baby didn't fair too well at home. :(
Happiness today looked like the perfect grilled steak for dinner, eating on the back lawn, kids going to bed without much drama, getting some sewing done & discovering your blog!

Brunella Z. said...

Buongiorno a tutti.
La mia parola di oggi per la felicità è: partecipazione.
La seconda è: accettare le cose che non posso cambiare e guardare invece a quelle che posso trasformare.
Good morning everyone!
My word for today's happiness is: participation.
The second is: accept the things I can not change and look instead to the things I can change.
Brunella :)

Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

golden sunlight
bewley's tea in the morning
sleeping in
big cozy sweatshirts
fruit for lunch
the white noise of a fan blowing
grace and peace