Monday, August 22, 2011

book giveaway week: day 1.

{image from French by Design}

To celebrate the growth of this little blog
To simplify my life
To refine my book collection
To give me some time this week to cross things off my to-do list,
I am forgoing my usual posting and 
hosting a book giveaway every day this week. 


Don't get too excited, now. 

These are used books, part of my beloved collection. 
I'm parting with all of these for one of three reasons. 

Either a) I have read the book once and have no intention of reading it again, or
b) I bought the book and, for whatever reason, never read it, or 
c) I bought and read the book, but it no longer resonates with who I am now. 

I am bundling these used books in groups of four or five, based solely on color.

Today's bundle?

God's Mountain, by Erri De Luca
Whistling in the Dark, by Lesley Kagen
The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery
Captivating, by John and Stasi Eldredge
The Gendarme, by Mark T. Mustian


Comment below if you'd like to receive this little bundle of books.
Giveaway closes Friday.

This giveaway is now closed.

More to come tomorrow!


Senja said...

oh yes! i'd love to win those books :) that's always great.

thanks for a great blog!

Kristen said...

Disclaimer (a lot of exaggeration due to excitement follows):

I will just about die if I win these books. You have no idea how much I've been in need of some enlightening stories of spiritual growth (Captivating) .. it's just that books have become a little too expensive, if I were to buy these it would be at least 60 dollars, at leaaast.

Did I mention I want to win?! (:

Michelle Porth said...

I would love to! I've always considered reading Elegance of the Hedgehog... just haven't gotten around to it yet :)

Jennifer said...

Ooo! Several of those are on my to-read list!

refreshothers said...

Yes, please!
Thank you for your inspiring blog - I feel as though we could definitely be friends (outside of cyberspace) if we lived in the same city. :)

Chloe said...

I've been dying to read The Elegance of the Hedgehog!

MeMoRy(: said...

i'm in need of some good books to read :) thanks annie!

Anonymous said...

Woo! That is such a good idea for a giveaway! I would love to enter and then go on a reading spree!! :)

Have a great day, girlie!

Annie said...

I love this idea. These books all look fabulous. I would love to win!

Amanda said...

Um...yes, please! What a great giveaway idea!

sarahsoprano said...

ah this is so darling! i've been wanting to read "elegance of the hedgehog" for a while now... can't say i've heard of the others but i'd be more than happy to give them a try! :)

katie said...

OoOooo if you recommend, I dig!

Thanks, Annie!

ashleycartwright said...

Read your blog almost daily. Have loved the books you have recommended. Would love to win! Thank you for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

This is my kind of giveaway!

Four Flights said...

I'll read anything you recommend!

danielle @ take heart said...

i need these! we are going to the mountains for a week and i have no reading material. must win :)

Christianna said...

Ok, so I totally thought I was already following you. I meant to do so, I've read your stuff so many times through Monster Cakes. Well now I am following, and I think this is a brilliant idea!

I'm signing up, for most likely every bundle! I love to read...tons!

monster cakes said...

Oh books. So pretty. I've always wanted to read The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Anonymous said...

oh how I would love to win this books :) and I would not only be happy, but also I would be able to practice my english :)
Greetings from Austria!

Katelyn said...

I had been wanting to read Captivating so this bundle would be perfect!

Angela said...

I love books :) crossing my fingers!

Jessica said...

this is an awesome idea! i was thinking just the other day about how we're going to have to part with some books due to lack of space since amos has come along. matthew has started doing paperback swap with some of his, but this is a great idea, too.

jenna said...

I am entering to win, but for Karissa because she is needing/really really wanting a copy of Captivating to read!! :)