Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ten things, part ii.

{photo by Tracy Shumate for House & Home}

6. Early bed time. If there's one thing I've learned about myself post-college, it's that I need my sleep. I knew this in college, too, by the way, and I made myself go to bed early if I needed to. In college, though, there were also moments -- even if brief -- for naps (naps! Remember those?), and now? Well, now I work eight and a half hours a day, so no: There are no naps. Instead, it's time to be a grown-up, and for me, that means going to bed before 11. I know, I'm a grandma. But this going to work with bags under my eyes is for the birds. Ideally, I'd like to be upstairs, in our bedroom, by ten. This is doable, and no, I won't be missing out on any fun. Even on nights when I'm out with friends (and by "out," I mean at the local yogurt shop), I'm easily home by 10. My sanity, I think, depends on an earlier bedtime. 

7. Give to someone. A couple of Fridays ago, I had a doctor's appointment, and on the way back to work, I stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. My total was so ridiculously small that I actually felt silly using my debit card, so call it the Spirit (I do), call it my conscience, call it crazy, I decided to pay for the breakfast of the person behind me. And you know what? It was awesome! I went around the rest of the day with this gigantic smile on my face. I felt so good. I know that giving isn't always about individual gains or feelings; giving should be selfless and sacrificial. But... sometimes it just feels good. I'd love to have that feeling every day. 

8. Limited technology in the evenings. Most of my blog reading occurs during small moments throughout the day. It's a nice reprieve, and my blog reader is full of some of the most wonderful people and ideas. By evening, though, I need a break from the computer screen. I find myself still drawn to email and Twitter, though, despite my best efforts. (It's all you people who tweet during The Bachelorette! I blame you and your snarky ways!) I'm thinking about joining in Jess Constable's "Email Intervention" for the month of August, but I'm not sure how that would work, given I do some graphic design work on the side, work that just can't be done during the day. (I have this thing called a job.) But, what if I said only email/Twitter/blogging from 8 to 9 each night? I think that could work...

9. Time with Jordan. Cooking, or reading, or lounging on the couch. It doesn't matter: I kind of -- okay, really -- like it all. It's important to have time with him, and now that we're both out of school, I love it even more. I need to make sure our time is purposeful and enjoyable. Sure, there will be moments and times of stress, but overall: We need to enjoy our life. It's all we're given. 

10. Time with friends. I actually don't think I need this every day -- my hours are so limited after work -- but I definitely need it throughout the week. Whether it's an email sent to a long-distance friend or dessert eaten with my favorite kindred spirits, I need those precious minutes to spend with like-minded people. Lately, a group of my friends has started to gather each week (one of us is moving soon, so we're relishing the time we have). I kind of hope we continue that tradition, because I find them to be some of my happiest moments during a busy week. 

That's it, my ten little things I do -- or will do -- for my sanity. (Read the first five here.) What are yours?


Staley Mc said...

Loved reading your list Annie! I'm an early sleeper too especially during the school year, I can't function if I don't get enough sleep. I don't see how some college students pull all-nighters, it just doesn't work for me!

Erika Lee Sears said...

i recently had someone in front of me buy my starbucks and I was in heaven all day. it's amazing the little acts of kindness one can do and i feel amazing.

Cassimus T. said...

I love this! I may have to 'steal' this idea as well and do it on my own blog. I "paid it forward" recently as well - at chic-fil-a, last saturday..I was having a fantastic morning, and decided to grab some breakfast on my way to the craft store..but i noticed the woman behind me just looked very unhappy, not upset, just .. blah. so i paid for her breakfast. It felt so great - especially when the drive-thru workers face lit up when i asked if i could pay for her meal as well. :)

Also, I LOVE your number 8! I envy your ability to gibe up facebook- I need to do the same..my husband and i both have a tendency to go home after working on a computer all day, and ..get on the computer..whether its playing a game, playing with our phones, checking facebook, reading blogs...we need a break! I think we need a "no technology" rule. We have started eating dinner at the table ( sometimes..) and then taking a walk before we even think about sitting down and watching tv..its a very nice new habit! ( wow, talk about rambling, sorry!) <3 your blog!