Monday, July 18, 2011

keep caring.

People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.

- Mother Teresa

I don't know what to say, really, except that I am tired. 

Tired of having my feelings hurt. 

Tired of being disappointed. 

Tired of caring when it feels like no one else really seems to. 

I wouldn't even bother sending this out into the great, big, impersonal void that can be the internet, except I know: You've been here. 

You know what it's like to be hurt. 

You know what it's like to be disappointed. 

You know what it's like to care when no one else really seems to. 

And I want to tell you what I am telling myself. 

Care anyway. 

Love anyway. 

Forgive anyway. 

Show grace anyway. 

Be merciful anyway. 

Extend kindness anyway. 

The world needs you to. Few people will ever really tell you that, will ever say that they need your optimism, your enthusiasm, your sense of passion and purpose and commitment. So I'm telling you. Care when no one else cares. Forgive when people don't deserve it. Smile when it would be easier to lash out in anger. 

I could go on and on about how that's what grace is. I could remind you that you've messed up too, and when you fail, you want forgiveness. I could talk about how commitment and caring are the lost arts of my generation, how everyone responds "maybe" instead of a simple "yes" or "no," how it's easier to straddle the fence than to take a stand. 

But really, what I think I need to remember this week -- and what I want so desperately to tell you -- is that your efforts matter. Caring matters. Commitment matters.  

They're the only things keeping this world from falling apart.


Staley Mc said...

Such a good message to start the week out on Annie!

Laken said...

What an inspiring post. You always say just what I need to hear.

Sabrina said...

I would add one more thing to the quote from Mother them even more anyway. Elizabeth wrote a great post the other day about loving and caring for our weak areas the most. Others in our life have the same need....though it is a true Godly trait to be able to do it. Not impossible, just very very unselfish...which to me can feel impossible sometimes!

Mo Pie, Please said...

This is so true - and good advice for me today. I will keep caring because that's what I do.

jenna said...

This post was for me.
This is where I am...
Where I've been all summer..
Hurt.. Bitter.. Burning out...
Even this morning I am having to muster up the energy to care about the things in front of me.
Thank you for being a mouthpiece for the messages our GOD is trying to speak to us... the truths HE is (at times desperately) trying to affirm us in.
Love you, Annie.

monster cakes said...

you may be entertaining angels my friend. so keep on caring. : ) i send my cares and hugs from way over in the NW. know someone in the great big internet void is thinking of you and praying for you. xo

Annie said...

amen. i love this.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

beautifully written and great words to live by :)

Kristen said...

All I can say Annie, is that,

I have made your blog one of my homepage tabs. So, in other words, every time I open up my browser your blog opens up too so that I can read your words every morning. Hear your voice as you center yourself in the will of God, and I love it more than you may ever understand. It's wonderful. (:

Even though your having a hard time to, your right to say that all of your readers join in the sorrow. Together.

Julianne said...

This is certainly a challenging thing to remember and carry out some days. Thanks for the wonderful reminder! Love you, Annie!

Ashley said...

what a great message.


Leslie said...

Beautiful as always.

Sugar Mama said...

Oh man, I couldn't have read this at a better time.

I don't know what inspired you to write this specific post, but for me it touches on my relationship with a friend. It's been a struggle; me giving, me sharing, me helping... her taking, her taking, her taking. And it's been hard. But this post reminds me that I AM messed up too. I am not perfect. And her friendship is worth it.... I choose to love her anyway.

Julie said...

You have brought me a good needed cry. This is how I have felt for awhile now. I am a strong person and value that about myself but it is hard sometimes when other's are cruel and make you feel depleted!

I just found Mother Teresa quote on pintrest this week. She states many of these same points but reading your raw emotion is even more powerful.



P.S. Since I am late in finding your blog how are you doing now? I hope that things have been brighter for you Annie.