Friday, June 24, 2011

things that make me glad.

{found from Lindsay's Pinterest}

1. Fancy hotel rooms that I don't have to pay for.
2. The sale rack at Anthropologie and a $20 addition to my wardrobe.
3. A husband who does crossword puzzles in bed.
4. Blogging friends turned kindred spirits.
5. Anthology magazine. (Seriously, the lastest issue? Perfection.)
6. Starting new projects.
7. Pretty things from Ikea.
8. Grace.
9. Comfort food. (Try this, and thank me later.)
10. The possibilities for a weekend spent at home.

Here's to rest and relaxation. Happy Friday, friends.


DaisyGirl said...

I make something that is pretty much the same thing as the recipe you linked too. Yes...comfort food!!! It just goes to prove my point that crescent rolls make anything good. hehe!

Have a good Friday!

Laken said...

This list makes my heart happy. I hope you have an amazing weekend, friend!

Leslie said...

That quote is sooooo true!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Anthropologie!!!!!1

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