Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Since I was a little girl, I've been dreaming about the kind of house I'd live in one day. I used to come up with imaginary floor plans and designs for each room, feverishly tearing photos out of magazines and gluing them into collages.

Looking back, collage-ing may have been one of my favorite pastimes. I think it was my way of being an artist.

Today, I don't make collages, but I do still keep a collection of magazine articles and photos in a binder at home. I know everyone's into Pinterest right now (and, full disclosure, I have one too), but there's something about sitting in your living room floor, going through magazines, punching holes, and marking things with post-its that's a little therapeutic. And even though Jordan and I aren't yet in the market for a home (though if we were, this one's still up for grabs; remember how much I love it?), one day, when student loans are paid off and we're finally ready, I'll have a list of exactly what we're looking for.

Behold, a peak inside my inspiration binder (you know you want one):

{built-in bookcases, cottage living magazine, photo by roger davies}

 {farmhouse sink, cottage living magazine, design by jane leyens}

 {natural light, cottage living magazine, photo by tria giovan}

 {open shelving + wood floors, country living magazine, photo by ellen mcdermott}

 {farm table, country living magazine, design by jill borelli}

{yellow door + livable entry, blueprint magazine, photo by laura moss}

 {more natural light, do it yourself magazine, design by pamela porter}

 {white cabinets + kitchen bar, better home & gardens magazine, photo by reed davis}

 {space for outdoor entertaining, country living magazine, photo by lucas allen}

 {black + white floors, country living magazine, photo by laura moss}


Staley Mc said...

I still keep a binder of magazine clippings too, I just love being able to have all my favorite things I saw in different magazines each month!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots of good ideas. Do you and your husband have the same taste? I ask because my husband is very traditional and while I like certainly lean more that way than say modern or electric I do like some cottage and country - which he hates.....Still looking for a way to compromise.

The Battershells said...

I keep a folder of favorite magazine pages of houses too! One day!

I currently have a giveaway going on on my blog--stop by and enter! You might love it for your house!