Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bookstore dreams.

 {the boulder bookstore, via pinterest}

I love traveling with Jordan. I love traveling in general, but I like experiencing new cultures, country back roads, and good food with my best friend. Plus, there’s something about time spent away from home that gets us talking about more than just upcoming events and the week’s grocery list. We’re able to dream a little, to think about the future and express gratitude for the present.

Last Saturday, on a spontaneous trip to the coast, Jordan and I were sitting outside a coffee shop in Rosemary Beach, talking about the summer and what we wanted it to look like. Our little trip to the beach felt like a much-needed reprieve, but the sweltering heat and a chipped tooth (yes, yes, I’m a klutz) had put a damper on things. Then Jordan found me a bookstore and a coffee shop, and my tears dried up pretty quickly.

As we sat talking and laughing, I nodded to the 20-something young woman standing and talking nearby. She had opened the Rosemary Beach store just three weeks before, and I told Jordan: I want to do that.

I want to own a bookstore.

That dream is nothing new. I’ve wanted one since before Norah Ephron penned You’ve Got Mail, before I even knew Kathleen Kelly of the little bookstore existed. I’ve had the name picked out for years, toyed with the idea of an accompanying deli or stationary supply shop, peaked inside windows of empty stores in my little town, imagined myself greeting customers and hosting book clubs.

For the first time, though, Jordan looked at me, and said: Have you prayed for it?

And I thought. And I thought. And I realized, no.

I hadn’t.

In fact, it hadn’t crossed my mind to let God in on my little secret, to introduce Him to the little entrepreneur waiting to bud inside of me.


Why do we keep our dreams to ourselves when we serve a Creator who instilled those passions inside of us?

If I truly believe that He knows the desires of my heart, why don’t I ask Him for them?

So today, I begin. I begin to say out loud what I’ve been saying to myself since I was a little girl. I let God know what I want. And I wait.

Because I just don’t know what He might do with the dreams and desires of my heart. He is a very big God, after all.


monster cakes said...

I do this often. Get overly excited and realize I went years without praying about the exciting thing. The cool thing is, often, God put that desire in our heart and has been waiting for us to come chat with Him about it.

ps. Please let me come open a bookstore with you. Except you come to OR, because I would melt over there.

chet said...

I was talking about something like this the other day with Ray and Lisa! Sometimes I feel so selfish pursuing the things I want and enjoy; the things I'm passionate about. I love the outdoors, is it selfish of me to save for a kayak? I dream about living on a small farm, is that me making my own plans? Apparently Tim hit on this Sunday...good thing we have podcasts now.

Laken said...

This is something that I've always included in the things-I-might-do-one-day box. My brother has always wanted a coffee shop, so I've toyed with the idea of combining them..

I'm going to start praying for this, for you. Two voices are better than one.

Four Flights said...

oh what a very good reminder. I often find myself talking to God about releasing the worries and stresses that are on my mind. But sharing the good stuff with him? Not always so. I love this post :)

our home to yours said...

hmmmm, not you got me wondering about my own hidden (to others) desires. of course, God knows everthing about us, but He still loves it when we run to Him and share our hearts.

Megan Elizabeth said...

if there's one thing I know about you...not even having met you before...it's that you're a book girl :)
I'll be praying that the Lord opens amazing doors for you!

Brittany said...

I know what you're saying. Sometimes I think I unconsciously don't pray about things because it's like admitting my greatest desires. Kind of scary, right?

But, when you do do open your store, can I come work for you??