Monday, May 16, 2011

top ten week.

Since I've discovered that I write way more words than your average blogger, I thought I'd change things up this week and keep things short and sweet, providing you with some top 10 lists on a few different subjects. What can I say: Blogger has had no shortage of technical difficulties lately, and I just couldn't fathom rewriting yet another post.

Instead, I'm instituting top ten week and sharing lots of useless information with you.

Get excited.


Top 10 solutions for a horrible, no good, very bad day: 

1. One pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (preferably in Phish Food)
2. You've Got Mail
3. Mid-afternoon nap
4. A comfort book (An Old-Fashioned Girl or Anne of Green Gables should suffice)
5. Watching mindless television on the couch with Jordan
6. A conversation with Mom or dinner with family
7. Online shopping (in which I fill my shopping cart, but never quite hit "purchase")
8. Lunch with a friend
9. Jam session in my car
10. A nice long heart-to-heart with God


Top 10 things that I find exceedingly annoying: 

1. Repetitive phrases/noises (i.e., "Bueller... Bueller... Bueller)
2. Ancient clip art or fonts like Comic Sans
3. When Jordan blows his nose and leaves the toilet paper in the toilet... without flushing
4. People who pretend to know what they're talking about (i.e., car mechanics, football)
5. A dryer buzzer that apparently only I can hear
6. Hair... anywhere. Dog hair, cat hair, human hair. That hair the girl pulls out of her mouth in The Ring. Actually, is that annoying? Or just gross?
7. Amy from Little Women
8. Bookstores with no customer service
9. People who insist on talking through movies
10. Windshield wipers going during times of beautiful weather


Top 10 phrases I find myself saying on a Sunday night: 

1. "Who invented two-day weekends?"
2. "I have a headache."
3. "What did we do this weekend?'
4. "What's for dinner?"
5. "What's for breakfast tomorrow?"
6. "Just leave them in the dryer. I'll fold them later."
7. "I forgot to write a blog post."
8. "I have a headache."
9. "I should probably do the ironing."
10. "Are we ever going to find out who killed Rosie Larsen?"


What would your lists look like? Better yet, is this even a good idea? What top 10 lists would you like me to cover? (I'm committed to this, by the way. There's no turning back. Top 10 week has begun.)


katie said...

Seriously... are we ever going to find out who killed Rosie Larsen?? Those episodes go by way too fast!

Sabrina said...

I like the top 10 list idea. Go all in:) PS- Julie told me I was talking to you a tad too much during the movie the other day;) So I might be connected to that one on your list... I am a chatter I fear! hahaha

Staley Mc said...

Love this idea! I am with you on fonts like Comic Sans. Ick!

Brittany said...

I "online shop" every day, I think. I get advertisements in my inbox, go to the site, fill up my cart of all the things I want and it usually (ok always) just sits there until the site empties it for me.

mary kate said...

you've got mail is my absolute favorite movie!

Leslie said...

Great list! and I love Phish Food.

Felicia said...

Amy from Little Women is very annoying! My least favorite character in the book. Also, there is alarm clock beeping that only I can hear.

monster cakes said...

WHO DID KILL HER?!?! I'm losing sleep over this girl...

Elizabeth Dean said...

Um, I see that comment about Ms. March and I know that was meant for me.

Uncool, Annie Sue.


Annie said...

i love this idea! i might borrow it from you. and i love that you put amy on your list of things that annoy you. she's never annoyed me much in the book or movie but if she actually existed it's quite possible that she would.

Autumn said...

What a cute idea!

my first giveaway :)

H. K. Marcum said...

We dislike the exact same things! Seriously! That would be my top 10, also.

Megan Elizabeth said...

umm, you're really funny :-) this is such a great idea! lists are great, especially the ones that make people giggly while reading!

Relevant Notes Blog said...

These lists are all great! Btw - I'm really liking your new blog design!

Kristen said...

Seriously, you are my favorite person. I feel like I have a living Rory Gilmore that I get to hear from every day as I go to your blog. Hm, what's Rory up too? Making lists.

Yeah, that sounds like something she'd do. (:

Sugar Mama said...

At this very moment I have at least 5 online shopping carts with items sitting in them. And they will not be purchased. I do it all of the time!