Wednesday, May 18, 2011

top ten week: television.

The most annoying characters on television, a list inspired by my brother: 

1. Dean from Gilmore Girls
2. Noel from Felicity
3. Anyone and everyone from the cast of 7th Heaven
4. Ana Lucia from season two of Lost
5. Screech from Saved by the Bell
6. Charles Miner from season five of The Office
7. Jasmine from Parenthood
8. Agent Elle Greenaway from Criminal Minds
9. Gabe from The Office
10. Jonathan from Who's The Boss


Best shows on TV right now and/or shows you need to Netflix/Hulu/borrow from friends:

1. Parenthood, NBC
2. The Killing, AMC
3. Modern Family, ABC
4. The Office, particularly seasons one through four
5. The Wonder Years
6. Gilmore Girls
7. Arrested Development
8. Alias
9. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
10. Lost, though I personally only truly enjoyed season one


Shows Jordan and I are guilty of watching (though we might not claim so publicly): 

1. All Worked Up
2. Lizard Lick Towing
3. Dog the Bounty Hunter
4. Disorder in the Court
5. The Bachelor
6. Project Runway
7. Wheel of Fortune
8. The Singing Bee
9. Jail
10. Fugitive Task Force


Melanie said...

Hi, new reader here. When I was home for Christmas I made fun of my mom because of her DVR'd episodes of God the Bounty Hunter. Guess what I spent the next two evenings doing? I was totally sucked in!

Four Flights said...

which one was Ana Lucia and why on Earth can't I recall her? And your guilty list, haven't heard of most of them HA! Fun post :)

Laken said...

ugggh.. Dean.

Ty and I have been so into Wheel of Fortune, lately. I'm not ashamed! :)

monster cakes said...

Oh my gravy Dean and Noel make me go bonkers! UGH! But The Killing is also driving me bonkers, in a good way, because I'm so freaking stressed about who killed her?!?! haha How do we both have time to work, read, be married, and squeeze these shows in?

mrs. autumn said...

The Wonder Years? Yes yes yes! I used to watch all of the re-runs when I was little because I had the biggest crush on Fred Savage.

giveaway! :)

Brooke Premo said...

Oh my gosh - I was soooo not sad when Michael shot Ana Lucia on Lost. Is that wrong? She was the WORST!

Mo Pie, Please said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed of Project Runway - that's one of the best reality shows there is. I love that you have a list of the most annoying TV characters. The only thing I would add to your list of shows to watch is Parks & Rec. Man, that show is SO GOOD. Also, I need to watch Parenthood ASAP.

Lily Darger said...

Wow- totally agree about Lost. Season 1 was the best. Ana Lucia drove me crazy.