Sunday, May 22, 2011

good women project.

I never post on the weekends -- or at 10:30 in the evening since, quite frankly, who's up that late? -- but I wanted to point your attention to one of my favorite things about the internet: The Good Women Project. (You also should check out A Deeper Story, while you're at it.)

Lauren and The Good Women Project have been stirring in my brain for a few weeks now, and when I saw that women were writing in, offering their lessons learned in marriage, I thought I'd see if I could join in the fun. Lauren graciously squeezed me in the lineup; you can check out my post -- entitled "What No One Told Me: You'll Still Be You" -- over here. I'm thrilled to be even a small part of such a thought-provoking online community.

I hope you'll join me over there and tune into what other women are writing. It's powerful stuff, folks, and since the internet is so often filled with useless things, let's celebrate and honor the good things, shall we?


Lori said...

I loved your post! Also love the site :) Thanks for sharing and you did an amazing job girl!

Staley Mc said...

I will definitely have to check this out and I can't wait to read your post!

kmwhans04 said...


I really enjoyed your post on the Good Women website. Very insightful. I feel like sometimes the church leads us to believe that marriage comes easily to everyone. I think for that reason, when I married at 20, I was naive to the journey that lay in front of me. Wonderful post!