Thursday, April 7, 2011

inspired week 25.

"The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want."

- F. Scott Ftizgerald


Staley Mc said...

I love that picture and the quote!

Lex C. said...

Oh my gosh I love this quote.

Whenever i visit your blog, I see your picture and you have to most beautiful, happy smile. Everything you write is so positive and I leave your blog feeling to happy and inspired. I just thought I should let you know :)

Sugar Mama said...

When I was younger I dreamed of packing up a bag and driving to new places, all by myself. Just me and my map.

I remember I'd listen to the song "Omaha" by Counting Crows and when the lyric "somewhere in middle America" was sung I'd think to myself "some day I'll drive to Omaha". Now I live here! Ha!

But still.... so many places I'd love to see!

Lori said...

Love all of this :)

jenna said...

I want to be this girl in this picture!! Oh springtime-- how you make me want to take on the world in mismatched clothes and a Volkswagen van!