Friday, April 22, 2011

and it was good.

 {photo by Rebecca Wright on Oh Happy Day. As an aside, I want friends who crack confetti-filled eggs on my head. Any takers?}

This has been a good week.

I believe this is worth noting, because it is easy to recognize and complain about the weeks that feel long and drawn-out, as if Friday and Saturday are nothing more than the figments of my imagination, far-off castles in the air that I will never reach.

But this week, something changed; a shift occurred. I enjoyed Monday. Monday! Can you believe it? And Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday was my Friday, which made it automatically more enjoyable. (Although I’ve never found Thursday particularly offensive anyway.)

And by the time you read this, I will be long gone, on my way to visit the in-laws for Easter weekend.

I’m in the process of analyzing this week, trying to figure out what factor changed my attitude and made the days feel more like gifts and less like burdens. So many things are in the running:

Jordan and I rode to work together a few mornings, praying and talking.

Our refrigerator is full, and we cooked together two nights in a row.

I introduced my cousin to the girls we call Gilmore, and (praise be) she loved them. 

I completed one baby shower invitation, two blog redesigns, one wedding Save the Date, one graduation invitation, and three articles for the newspaper I write for.

As a result, I have money to buy clothes for the first time in months, and guess what? I can’t think of one thing I actually need. Contentment is a beautiful thing.

The legislative session went on a brief hiatus for Easter and Passover, removing lots of stress from both my work and personal life. No news is good news.

I completed day six of Couch to 5k. (I know. I am as shocked as you are.)

Parenthood went out with a bang, and hey, just like that: I got my Tuesday nights back. (Please tell me you watch Parenthood. If not, go. Go now. Catch up. And fall in love with it like we did.)

Speaking of television, are you watching The Killing on AMC on Sunday nights? You should be. I mean, you shouldn’t be if you’re not into crime shows. But if you are into crime shows, this is the best one ever. Each hour represents a day in the investigation. In other words, everything’s slower-paced. Which I love.

We started the week with frozen yogurt at my new favorite place in town.

See? So many good things. But really, I wonder if it all boils down to the fact that this is the week.

The week it all started.

The week my Savior chose to walk down the long, dusty road to Calvary. To silently bear our sins so we could be with Him forever.

I am in awe of the fact that thousands of years before my own journey on this planet began, my Savior thought of me fondly, cared enough for me to rescue me when I didn't even know I needed rescuing.

Religious circles have debated predestination and free will for years. I'm not here to do that. But I do take comfort in the thought that I was chosen. That the Father and the Son saw my face in the crowd that Good Friday, and they wanted me. Picked me. Redeemed me.

So yes, this week has been good. All my weeks are good. Because Someone chose me. Someone called me by name and made me His.

May you and your family experience His awesome presence this Easter. He makes all things good.


hannah singer said...

praise him for the cross! i too am thankful he chose me, rescuing me from my sin and shame. hallelujah, what a savior!

happy easter!

Leslie said...

I'm totally obsessed with Parenthood. I laugh and cry every. single. week. I need more, more, more.