Monday, March 7, 2011

hair envy.

{instyle magazine, january 2009. photos by pamela hanson. styling by kusum lynn.}

Although pretty much everything in the above photos is perfection, the hair is what had me Googling for hours. 

See, once upon a time, I had a perm. 

I realize the cringes that very phrase is sure to induce, and I understand. The very word "perm" conjures up images of Richard Simmons in my own head, so you are not alone. What you have to understand is this: I got my perm for practical purposes. I was going to be spending three weeks in Italy. I did not want to waste time or money purchasing overseas appliances, and I know myself. The likelihood of me spending any time on my hair while in a foreign country was rare at best. So I took the plunge, and I loved it. 

My perm and I were on fabulous terms throughout the better part of 2005. It's 2006 that things got ugly, and stayed that way, probably until the internship of 2007. Sad, I know. 

But curls are fickle things. And the hairstyle that once felt international and spunky and practical and carefree (no hairdryer? amazing!) soon began to get long. And bushy. And no one told me to for pete's sake, child, get a haircut. So much of my 20th year was spent looking very much akin to an African lion.

I refuse to even post a picture here for my self-esteem's sake. It was not a good time.

Yet looking at these pictures has me wondering: Do I dare perm again? Or do I take a less-permanent, but still slightly scary risk, and purchase a curling iron, or, heaven forbid, get out mom's old curlers? 
What can I do, Keri Russell, do achieve curls like yours? 

Because I can buy straight leg jeans and chunky scarves and Annie-Hall vests, but hair? Hair I cannot buy. 

I can, however, crimp and curl and cut to my heart's content. 

Tell me, blog readers, what is a girl to do?


Staley Mc said...

I love Keri's curls in this shoot. Curls are fickle, I think it's hard to get a perm just right! Does your hair hold wave well? You could try kind of "scrunching" it to get a kind of similar wave/curl!

Sugar Mama said...

Ask around to find someone that can do the right kind of soft wave perm for you. It can happen as long as you find the person that knows how to do it right. About 6 years ago I wanted the exact same look... and I ended up with a perm know the kind I'm referring to. It didn't look bad, but it wasn't the soft wave curls I was hoping for. My mistake was going to someone that I'd been going to for my straight hair. She wasn't really an expert on wavy or curly hair.

Become a people watcher... and when you see someone with the hair you'd like as them where they get it done.

Jessica said...

i don't know about the hair fix, but i do love some keri russell! i am currently on a felicity kick right now. i got seasons 3 and 4 for christmas. i just love her. i did not love her short hair cut fiasco, but it's growing out now so we are coming to terms. i bet you could pull that look off. i'd start with hot rollers. that way you can sort of experiment without making any kind of commitment whatsoever, just in case it isn't what you think. but if you like it you might could take more permanent measures.

Laken said...

I love this photo shoot. I tore it out of the magazine the first time I saw it and I still have it.

Lately, I've been on the curling iron bandwagon. It wasn't fun at first and I have the burn marks ALL OVER to prove it. But I feel like now I've mastered what works for me. Plus, it's temporary. Which is good for my wishy-washy-ness.

Now, my problem is hair color. Never-ending internal wrestling match about it.

Kim Humes said...

I used to have a perm too! Back in Jr High - except my hair is so naturally straight I had to get it done twice! I loved it too though - well at least at first, I found I got sick of it after a while, and it became harder to style as the perm relaxed/grew out. Her hair does look amazing in these photos though and I would love a similar look, but I'm so worried about the damage! Lots of chemicals involved and your hair could end up fried, plus as above ppl have mentioned, if you get the wrong person you could end up looking really bad. You'd have to seriously decide if you're ready for the maintainence involved. Hmmm you've got me intrigued as to whether or not I should do it again too lol

monster cakes said...

It's always worth a try to first attempt the look on your own with curlers and/or a curling iron, and then go for the perm. I have been obsessed with Keri R. forever. She's so dang beautiful.

ps. I sent you an e-mail with my address and stuff. I hope you got it?! : )

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how she's wearing her hair now. I wasn't a fan of her super short do but this look is so freaking cute and it would look adorable on you!

Amanda said...

Oh. Wow.

Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I have loved Keri Russell since dear old departed "Felicity" days, and this hairstyle gives me that excited "ohhhhh...I might be able to do this!" feeling. I have been blessed/cursed (it changes day to day) with unruly, wavy hair, and lately, I've been feeling like I look very much like Richard Simmons, if Richard Simmons had shoulder length hair. This gives me hope!

I'm digging her highlights/lowlights here, too.

Lauren said...

If you figure out how to get her hair, please pass the secret along because I die for her hair every time I see pictures of her!! I love her style!

Katy! said...

As a girl who once had several perms, I say perm away! Maybe a body wave would suit you better, I had one and loved it (its less frizzed)...but there's always a curling iron!