Tuesday, February 8, 2011

who i am at 25.

1. I am starting to feel just a little bit old. 25 sounds old, doesn’t it?

2. I still despise milk and dunk my cookies in water.

3. To me, there’s almost nothing better than coming home to a clean, well-loved home.

4. Laundry is my absolute least favorite chore and the bane of my existence.

5. I still have dreams of living in a big city, but I’m content where I am right now.

6. I love getting good, old fashioned snail mail.

7. If we get mail I don’t like, I just leave it in the mailbox to be dealt with another day.

8. I’ve always claimed to like cold weather.

9. This year, I think I have acquired seasonal affective disorder and am positively aching for the sunshine.

10. I don’t think advanced degrees make you any smarter.

11. I’ve finally decided: my dream job has something to do with creative writing and helping teen girls realize their potential. Surely there’s a way to combine these two?

12. Tom Hanks is still my favorite actor.

13. And You’ve Got Mail is still my favorite movie.

14. Jordan gave me monogrammed handkerchiefs for my birthday, embroidered with daisies.

15. That’s right folks, I’m bringing the hankie back.

16. Children don’t scare me, but babies do.

17. I wish I could sew, but I don’t think I have the patience. Photography classes instead?

18. I’m way more comfortable in the working world than I was two years ago. (Just read this post for proof.)

19. I’m a rather vocal advocate for the “day date”: give me hash browns and pancakes, and I’m a happy camper.

20. Jeopardy is now part of our nightly routine (even though I think Alex Trebek is arrogant and obnoxious).

21. I’m getting better at a morning quiet time. Not great, but better.

22. I’ve even memorized some scripture this year; this one’s my current favorite: “I will run the way of your commandments, for you have set my heart at liberty.”

23. My hair is the longest it’s been since the fifth grade, and I hate it.

24. I have a group of friends that I am eternally grateful for; they’ve made this transition into adulthood a little bit -- okay, a lot -- easier.

25. I’m not sure I’m where I thought I’d be at 25, but I’m okay with that.

- inspired by leslie.


Sugar Mama said...

Yes, you can totally make a career out of combining your writing with motivating teen girls. It's always been a passion of mine and I've yet to do anything with it.

I miss 25. It was a good age. Enjoy it!!!

monster cakes said...

Oh Annie, I seriously feel like we are friends and that I've known you forever. Firstly, that book you mentioned might have to be next on our list because it looks like my type-A personality could use it.

And holy moly we have so much in common! I LOVE kids and am terrified of babies, hence we have no babies yet. I have this deep yearning to help teen girls but also use my writing degree/skills. Perhaps we need to team up somehow? And I, too, love snail mail. If you ever want a pen pal, hit me up. jzigenis@yahoo.com.

ps. I loathe sweeping and mopping. I've been known to neglect it for an abnormal amount of time. We don't go barefoot in my house. ever.

Laken said...

You can absolutely make your dream job happen! Sending prayers of support your way :)

Anonymous said...

You most definitely will have an awesome writing-centered career - I love reading your stuff!

I linked to you in my post today - feel free to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that there is a way to combine writing and helping teen girls realize their potential. I don't know what it looks like, and it probably looks different for every person before who's combined them, but I'm convinced it exists.

Leslie said...

I'm with you #6 and 8. And so interesting dunking your cookies in water. :)