Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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I try not to get mushy very often on the blog, mostly because I am not, by nature, a mushy person.

But every so often, I do like to record — for posterity’s sake — the things about my husband that make me do a happy dance inside my head.

Like that time we went on a lunch date (which are probably my favorite. oh, and breakfast dates) and I spent most of the time catching Jordan up on funny stories — or stories I considered funny. (Because, let's face it, one can never be entirely sure if the anecdotes you find hilarious are as hilarious to others.)

I laughingly told him about crazy Bible class teachers and the time I was asked where the local adult novelty store was located (and, yikes, I knew the answer). I told him about my thoughts on The Bachelor and what it’s like to have back-to-back sleepovers with your favorite fuzzies.

And after he dropped me back off at work, I realized that maybe I had talked the whole time, and maybe I had been a conversation-monopolizer (which can happen to the best of us, am I right?). So I sent him an email, letting him know that the only reason I can be over-zealous in my storytelling is because he is really, the world’s best listener. (It’s one of the things that makes him a great attorney.)

This is the email I got back:

I love being your audience. Here's to 90 more years--and millions more stories worth--of my being your audience.

I don’t know. Probably to you it doesn’t sound that great. But it sounds good to me. It’s nice to know that you’re not overwhelming or irritating, that you don’t talk too much, and that someone on this earth is ready and willing to listen to your crazy stories for days and years to come.

It’s a good feeling.

So here’s to finding that person, and to being that person for others. Because, I think most people are just looking for an attentive audience. And what’s wrong with listening for a change?


AbbieBabble said...

That is so sweet. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with being mushy- especially if it means you're appreciating the people around you and their contributions to your life.

Anonymous said...

i did the EXACT same thing all the way to s.c. bless my hubby's heart.

aPearantly sew said...

I think his reply was absolutely perfect :) It melted my heart!

monster cakes said...

Swoon! How cute you are two?! I TOTALLY get this because I am quite loquacious myself, and husband is quite the listener. The best part isn't necessarily that they let you talk/babble for hours, it's that they are actually listening and actually care. Love it. xo

ps. Um... please let me find a pair of rain boots like those ones!

Anonymous said...

That's adorable! I'm not a mushy person either, but I love that. It's simple and it's sweet.

I tend to be a listener, but I had a turbulent fall and my friends Mary and Lauren spent most of our weekly lunch dates listening to me talk and rant my mouth off. How thankful I am, and I'm sure you are too, for those that listen with patience, support, and love!

Kim Humes said...

Aw how sweet! I think if you can find someone who loves listening to everything you say, even the silly, annoying stuff then he's a keeper! (I myself tend to tell really silly jokes so whoever I spend my time with has to be ok with that lol). And you are right, we all need to listen to each other more - there's nothing wrong with taking time to blab on as long as we are the sounding board for someone else in return!

jenna said...

That is beautiful. :) I love it.

Mom said...

Your dad has been my audience for 28 years! I thank God for that! So here's to marrying good listeners (and easily entertained men)!! We are blessed!


the southern hostess said...

So sweet. I love every bit of it.

ailinh harris said...

He gave a cute response! And gotta agree with ya girl, having a hubby around to listen to the crazies going through our noggins is always a good feeling. Always.