Thursday, January 27, 2011

birthday wish list.

 {from here}

I knew it would happen. I predicted it.

"By the time January rolls around, I may have become completely apathetic towards the whole thing. (Or, at the very least, become a little bit more realistic."

My words. October 25, 2010.

Yes, folks, I believe I peaked early in terms of birthday excitement.

My enthusiasm for the approaching 25 is waning and -- wait for it -- the big day is less than a week away.

Good grief. This is the year of celebration, for crying out loud. I have got to get back into the spirit of things.

So a lovely birthday wish list from me to you.

Because sometimes wish lists make things better. Sometimes.

{this print}

{this cookie jar}

 {this dress}

{this word-of-the-year necklace -- mine would say "celebrate"}

{these bowls}

{these books}

 {and please, oh please, this book}

 {this necklace}

{oh, who are we kidding. anything and everything from EmersonMade}


Staley Mc said...

I want that Anthro cookie jar so bad! It's so cute. I am loving your birthday picks!

Jessica said...

i love your birthday list! i had my eye on that anthro cookie jar too. i hate to spend that much money on it though. but getting it as a gift would be perfect! and i added ann voskamp's book to my amazon wish list the other day. i hope i get it soon. celebrate is a perfect word for your year!

Katelyn said...

Those books look pretty interesting! I'm always looking for new reads. & I just LOVE that cookie jar, it seems to keep popping up on blogs I read. Hmm... maybe that's a sign ;)

the friendliest flower said...

that dress from modcloth is so great! the books look really good to i'll have to check them out.

Cindy P said...

What day is your birthday? Mine is Sunday! I'm excited for the big day but I don't really have a wish list this year. I got everything I wanted for Christmas! Though I'm sure I could come up with a few things I'd love to get if I really tried. =)

Laken said...

I ordered Food, Friends, Fashion a few weeks ago. I liked it.. but it wasn't really what I expected.
And I just ordered One Thousand Gifts.. it's my book to read in February.

Love the entire list!

Kristen said...

Annie: i just got anne voskamp's book in the mail, and it's as good as i hoped it would be! Well, two chapters in, but it's pretty good. Her blog is so inspiring, and the book--it's exactly what I need right now. Also, the winking owl cookie jar? It's on my anthro wishlist!