Thursday, December 16, 2010

happy birthday, j.j.

A friend notified me that I never blogged about Jordan's birthday extravaganza. That's because a) Jordan's birthday coincided with Thanksgiving and my finals, and b) the celebration just came to a close.

That's right; we believe in entire months of birthday, so we've been celebrating Jordan's 25th for the past several weeks.

One birthday tradition I've managed to keep almost every year since we've been friends?

A post-it note for every day leading up to the big day (November 29). This year's post-its were all reasons Jordan is the "" (don't mind us; we're still into 90's sayings here at the Jones' house). Some reasons?

- He wants to go places.
- Our dreams are the same, but different.
- He's a top-notch snuggler.
- He's been known to purchase a prize or two.
- He's like the Pied Piper, only way less creepy.
- He has a smile better than Cam's

Jordan is the most patient and kind husband I could have asked for. He's goofy and funny and generous and intelligent and supportive, and I love that we get to embark on our 25th year together.

Happy birthday, Jordan. I hope you've enjoyed our celebrations. Here's to many, many more!


Staley Mc said...

What a cute idea! Glad he had such a great birthday!

AbbieBabble said...

This is wonderful! I LOVE making lists for the birthdays of the people I love- I do believe it's as much fun for me as it is for the person who receives the list, don't you agree?

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

I believe in birthday "months" not just days too! :) ha

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

I believe in birthday "months" not just days too! :) ha

danielle @ take heart said...

so sweet, this is so fun! we love the too, girlfriend.

Brooke Premo said...

OOOhhhhh! A Cam Newton link? That's treason around my parts. Ha! Just kidding. Cam does have a wonderful smile. (Don't tell anyone I know I said that.)

So glad you show your love and appreciation to the hubs!