Monday, October 11, 2010

the perfect curriculum.

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This week I have to submit my "program of study" to my graduate school coordinator. Since I'm still not 100% set on this whole grad school thing, the impending deadline got me thinking: What if I could develop my own curriculum, with whatever subjects I wanted? What would I take?

And so, my dream curriculum:

Italian language
Reflective writing (led by Shauna and CJane, pretty please) 
Classic literature
Oh, and children's literature
Beginner sewing
Closet organization
Personal style + wardrobe evaluation (preferably taught by Kendi)
Southern female writers
International travel
Photography (of the Blue Lily variety)
Cooking with friends
Popular culture (with a minor in television)
Stress-free event planning

Yep, I think that about covers it.

So I'm curious. What if school could be whatever you wanted? What would your perfect curriculum look like?


S.E.Minegar said...

where to begin...

every time i read a new book or learn about a new topic, i think, that's it! that is the one thing i'm meant to study, my one true passion.

then i read another book. so much knowledge, so little time.

Sabrina said...

haha Annie...but remember some of these fun hobbies would be costing you grad. school bucks, plus supplies, and books, j/k! In dream land the cost is no issue, thank goodness:) I would def. sign up for
Baking Parts 1 and 2
Exercise and the busy Woman
History and Monuments of Greece (taught on site)
World Wide Food Cultures (taught at various sites)
hmmmmm and just for kicks
Modern Technology Intergration ( the section with the free Iphone and laptop please!!)

Lauren said...

I think you may have just designed the perfect curriculum for me!! That is pretty much the life I want to have/do :).

What would I add? Not too much else! Maybe something to do with "Relaxing on beaches", "Youth-Adult Relations in Ministry", and "Desk Organization". :)

Dad said...

Dad's perfect curriculum:

Vegetable gardening for small spaces
Landscape design on a budget
Wardrobes for 50-somethings without looking like a 30-something wannabe
Mazda Miata and other 2-seater sports cars: how to get there
Retiring to do something you really want to do
How to see all you want to see by car (since the wife hates to fly)

Betsy said...

Ooh, if only I could design my own curriculum! I imagine it would look something like this...

Church Planting 101


Painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil)

Art History

European Architecture

Animal Shelter Adoption...learning how to get sweet cats/dogs adopted into a forever home.

Film adaptations of Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, and Shakespeare.

J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis

Dance (focus on ballet, swing, and Indian Bollywood)


Foreign Cuisine (but no seafood and nothing that I would ever keep as a pet)

...there are probably so many others that I would list, too. If only!

Velva said...

Cooking with friends would be my favorite class.

Laura said...

I love this idea and stealing it for my own writing purposes! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jordan Jones said...

I had to respond to this one.

1. Theology and Lord of the Rings
2. Advanced studies in Star Wars
3. Putting 101
4. Church and Courthouse Architecture
5. Mountain Dew Marketing and Manufacturing
6. The Nature of God in the Old and New Testaments
7. Rome and Byzantium: The History of the Mother Churches
8. Early Church Fathers 101
9. People in Protestantism
10. Auburn Football History 101
11. Theory and Mechanics of College Football Officiating
12. Advanced Chess Theory
13. Survey of Supreme Court Justices
14. Evolution of Law
15. Star Wars: Advanced Studies in Vehicles, Vessels, and Spacecraft
16. Admirals Ackbar and Piett: A Dichotomy of Worldviews
17. Personal Finance and Debt-Killing
18. Fashion for Dummies
19. World Travel
20. Holy Land Seminar
21. Conservative & Libertarian Theory
22. Survival 101
23. Poker Group Management
24. Seminar in Auto Mechanics
25. Spanish 3

Anonymous said...

I wish school was like this, where you become educated in the subjects you love. I would certainly study more if that was the case.