Thursday, September 2, 2010

delight in something.

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There are these moments.

Moments when I catch a glimpse of what it is I should be doing here with this gift of life God has chosen to give me.

Teaching giggly girls about life and love.

Receiving a letter from a satisfied reader.

Listening to Tom Petty sing about free fallin’.

Designing something beautiful.

Sharing lunch with a good friend.

Building a headboard with my own two hands.

I don’t know what we should call these little bits of deliciousness that find their way into our lives, but I do know they are worth celebrating.

We take so much time — too much time — drowning in the bad stuff, the messy stuff. We almost relish the moments of drama and misery and frustration. We wear them like merit badges. “Look what we just made it through!” we scream.

But when the good stuff comes, we are silent and apathetic.

Well, enough of that.

Shout it from the rooftops.

Let the whole world know about the moments of triumph, no matter how tiny they seem.

These are the moments we were created to delight in.

I will dance in my office.

I will enjoy every bite of the lunches that I eat.

I will savor the designing and the building and the teaching and the loving.

Because that’s what I was made for.


Yaya' s Home said...

These are very good thoughts. It's so important to take time for what really matters. Thank you.

~ Yaya

Brooke Premo said...

I agree!

Also, did you really make a headboard? That's great! I was going to tell you that mine was an old screen room divider that I had painted. Sorry I never answered you before!