Monday, September 13, 2010

but we see Jesus.

With graduate school, a full-time job, a Bible class, and a marriage and home to manage (not to mention countless "little" commitments), the past few weeks haven't exactly been easy. I've kept my head above water, but there are still moments when I feel as if I'm gasping for breath. Not exactly how I believe this life of ours was intended to be lived.

Then, yesterday, in the middle of communion, I heard two verses that I'd undoubtedly heard before. Only this time, I heard them differently. Something clicked.

"At the present, we don't see everything subject to Him. But we see Jesus..."

I know it doesn't sound like much, and in context, my personal interpretation may not be the most accurate. But God spoke to me in those verses. He gave me a peace with just those four little words.

But we see Jesus.

The Hebrew writer, I'm fairly confident, was discussing the power Jesus holds over those worlds we can't see, the ones we Christians are often too scared to mention.

In the quiet of Sunday's communion, though, I heard something just a little different.

Maybe it's hard to see past all of my to-do lists, time constraints, assignments, and responsibilities.

But through it all, I can see Jesus.

The fact is, my schedule is absolutely impossible for me to handle on my own.

If I chose to manage each task alone, I would not only fail miserably; I would lose sight of the simple gift this life offers me.

Instead, in those verses, my Father is offering me an alternative.

But, my daughter, you get to see Jesus.

In the class you think you can't handle, you see Jesus.

In the marriage you love and the husband you adore, you see Jesus.

In the dirty laundry and the messy house, you see Jesus.

In the complicated group project, you see Jesus.

In every minuscule moment and time-swallowing bump in the road, you see Jesus.

It's His other gift to me.

Because this life, with all of its beauty and joy and utter awesomeness, is a gift. But it is messy.

There are still frustrations and hurts and things that feel like they just shouldn't be.

And for those, my God responds, you see Jesus.

You have Jesus.

I am so grateful for that promise.


JMay said...

This post makes me happy :-)


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i'm grateful for that, too.