Friday, August 6, 2010

in the doghouse.

Just as life has begun to slow down (slightly), Jordan and I are considering a new transition. This time, into dog ownership.

Although we haven’t begun looking in earnest, we’ve been perusing online, asking family and friends for their input, and taking an online quiz or two about which breed might work best for us.

The current clear favorite?

A French bulldog.

{top two images, via here and here; last image from Google}

Our townhouse has some green space where we’ll be able to take our potential pooch out for walks, but we don’t want to be unrealistic: We both work and are gone for much of the day, so our dog would need to be well trained and able to entertain itself for hours at a time. Plus — and I realize this may sound ridiculous — I don’t want my house smelling like dog. I happen to like the way my house smells, and I’m a little fearful that owning a pet will turn our little, fairly well-kept home upside down. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

So, any dog owners out there with tips for us newbies? Or, better yet, any readers with dogs for sale? We’re open minded (though that French bulldog really has my heart).


Carie said...

Definitely get a dog! I have 3 and couldn't imagine life without them. Invest in puppy training. That's my advice to you. When I got Mandela, my youngest pup, I took him to a 6 week training course. It did wonders as far as potty training and basic doggie manners goes. Good luck dog hunting!

Allizon said...

An English bull dog sounds like a great choice for your first dog! Training my puppy took a lot of time at first, but well worth it. Just make sure to be consistent when teaching them a new trick, even the pitch of your voice. It helps a lot!

Sabrina said...

Wow....hmmmm. That puppy is def. a cutie. Let me know how the decision goes. I am leaarning that I am not much of a pet person, unless it is a pet piglet;) That I would love!

La Bella Donna said...

I love my dog; he's great.

However, I implore that you please adopt and do not buy, even from responsible breeders. Please consider adopting a dog. You can even adopt a french bulldog, most likely. There are lots of breed-specific shelters.
Good luck.

Velva said...

Love the French bull dogs, I love dachshunds too. I am sending you a link via email.

Anonymous said...

French Bulldogs are soooo cute!! And you can adopt them. We've adopted all of our dogs and I think rescues make the greatest pets - you don't have to go through that chew-everything-in-sight puppy stage and 9 times out of 10, they're potty trained, friendly and delightfully quirky.
Here's a link to a French Bulldog rescue place if you're interested: