Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i'm getting the itch.

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It's been a while since I've felt like doing anything around the house, and now that our plans are finally set in stone (or at least wet cement), I'm ready to tackle three major problems in our bedroom decor: nightstands, headboards, and artwork.

The above photos are my inspiration. We've got the white bedspread (though if this ever went on sale, I'd get it) and the gray walls. In fact, most of the room looks pretty good, just kind of... unfinished. A headboard should go a long way in tying everything together, and even though this Ikea bed has long been my ideal, I figure a DIY-option (like that middle photo) should suffice.

We've got two great nightstands, but one needs a coat of paint, and Jordan's lamp is horrendous (and possibly a fire hazard). Photos from Italy and a pretty print grace the room, but I think a miniature gallery wall would be nice. If that's a no-go (since I'm hoping to do one along our stairwell, and I don't want to go overboard), the artwork that's in the room could just be a little less haphazard.

So, that's the plan. Keep your fingers crossed for some DIY success! (Since I've got a list of about 10 other home improvement projects we need to get done before fall hits.)


Patricia Snook said...

Girl, utterly beautiful, I've bookmarked this page to come back for inspiration. Utterly fabulous xoxo

Jessica said...

i like the shoes in the first photo and i love the idea of using decorative storage boxes along the edges under the bed instead of a dust ruffle like in the third. i'm ready to do some redecorating myself!

La Bella Donna said...

Hey, look on Martha Stewart's site; she has an idea of using wallpaper behind the bed to make the shape of a headboard. With the right paper it could look really neat and it reminds me of the middle picture.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday evening!