Friday, July 16, 2010

happy birthday, little fuzzy.

My littlest cousin is known for her birthday wishlists. 

She sends them out months in advance for us to peruse at our convenience. 

(Chick-fil-a is always at the top of her list.)

This year, she told me she wanted a blog post, all about her. 

Well, little fuzzy, here you go. 

A blog post devoted to you, the "baby" of our very large, loud family. 

The three of us fuzzins were getting along just fine, but then we met you. 

Your toys were the coolest, and your giggle was so infectious, it earned you a nickname: Giggle-ine. 

Do you remember that? 

When you had to get glasses, you'd wear them on the tip of your nose and use a granny voice that cracked us all up. 

We'd play in your room, sit in your crib, and mostly, you'd just do what we said. 

We liked that about you. 

You wrote a letter trying to get our older cousin to date your Sunday school teacher. It was, in a word, awesome. I still don't know if we ever sent it. 

Your love for all things Christmas is unmatched. The local radio station should get you on their marketing team, stat.

Your imagination is unparalleled. (Plus the way you organize your "people" is, let's face it, pretty impressive.)

Your dogs are so important to you, that you gave yourself a nickname: Pepchan. Mostly I just love that you gave yourself a nickname. You are too funny.

The way you write just gets better and better. I love seeing your ideas put to paper. You are so creative!

When the family needs to know something--anything--you know the answer. If something's missing, ask Caroline. If there's an upcoming date or random fact or figure we need to know, ask Caroline. You inevitably know the answer. It's amazing, really. 

You cheat on card games, even though you'd probably win anyway. Silly girl.

Being the baby of the family tends to go to people's heads.

Instead, you're just about the coolest kid I know.

Only, you're turning 14. 


I am old. 

And you aren't a baby anymore. 

Where does the time go?

Us fuzzins are aging. 

Only guess what? 

We still like each other. 

Isn't that neat? 

I love that about us. 

So, happy birthday, baby-no-more!

I can't wait to see just how God chooses to work in you over the next few years. 

I think it's going to be amazing.



Susu said...

LOVE this blog post!! Love that little birthday girl!! Happy Birthday Caroline! We all love you!!!!

care bear said...

i love this one! this made my day! :-) love you!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birtday, Caroline! (you'll have to ask me about that one sometime) - thank you for inviting me to your party - was a blast, as are you! Love you and Happy 14! Auntie M