Thursday, June 17, 2010


When I used to work for state government (I know. Hard to believe, isn't it?), we had these meetings the boss called "plus/delta." He'd have us share our positive feedback on a recently-held event or on a new business strategy-- hence the "plus." Then we'd share ways we thought the event or strategy could be improved-- the "delta." I personally thought it was just a fancy name for a pro-con list, but the concept seemed to be pretty effective.

I figured I'd give it a try today.

- Late night French fries from the husband (what can I say; he knows the way to my heart)
- A surprise package from this lovely lady; the journal she sent me fit me to a "t"!
- Two blog redesigns done (here and here)
- The two latest issues of my favorite online magazines: Lonny and Southern Flourish
- A mini-shopping spree thanks to some excess income (these days, three items qualifies as a "spree")
- A precious gift from a friend
- Much-needed memorization of Scripture (Proverbs 18:10)
- Gilmore Girls marathons
- A pretty new ring
- My dad's grilled fish
- Time with my mom
- Breakfast with the husband to look forward to
- Book club with some of my favorite people
- Medical forms finally sent to FSU
- Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. Need I say more?
- Musings by my little fuzzin
- Time working with my hands. I love creating.
- The possibility of a cake decorating class
- The perfect chambray shirt, finally purchased:

{purchased from Gap. Boys' section. $17.99. thanks, Mom!}

- These ulcers in my mouth are driving me insane. Must learn how to handle stress better.
- I've got to start turning my eyes to Jesus instead of His often-imperfect people. When I keep my eyes on Christians, I will inevitably be disappointed.
- I can't get discouraged when it comes to using my God-given gifts and abilities. If only two girls come to Bible study, I've got to honor God by teaching those two girls, regardless of my pride or disappointment. His ways are higher than my ways.
- Our refrigerator is starting to look bare. I have to get my rear over to Publix, asap.
- I need to spend time away from the computer. I think it's slowly frying my brain. Instead of constantly looking online for inspiration (which is fun), I need to get busy on my own projects... even if they turn out to be less than perfect.
- It's time to fill out financial aid for FSU. Debt stinks, but it's time to suck it up and apply. My dreams await.


Anonymous said...

The blog designs are beautiful!

Jessica said...

that is the perfect chambray shirt! i can picture it with shorts or khakis or jeans or a khaki or denim skirt even with toms. so cute! and a great price! i agree...the blog designs are beautiful:)