Friday, June 25, 2010

my shopping secret.

I'm just going to come right out there and say it: Despite the amount of posts devoted to it here, I don't actually enjoy shopping all that much. Perhaps it's because I often treat shopping as a man treats shopping (like a chore and with a list). Or maybe it's because I don't keep credit cards on hand, and all my purchases must be made with cash.

Either way, there's really just one person who I never tire of going on a shopping adventure with*:  my mother.

Here's why:

- My mom tells it like it is. She'll tell me if something looks good on me, or if I need to skip it. She'll pick out items I probably never would have picked out for myself, but amazingly, she's right on the money every time. When you go shopping with girlfriends (which, to be honest, I don't do often), there's always a chance they're not being 100% truthful. Nice girlfriends tend to gush: "Everything looks good on you!" "You definitely could go down another size!" Mean girlfriends tend to lie: "I'm not sure that's the look for you." (Then they turn around and put it in their own cart. Oh yes, I've been there. In junior high, but I've been there.)

- My mom speeds things along. Like I said, I tend to shop like a man. My mom and I have shopped together for years, so we've fallen into a rhythm. She comes into the dressing room with me (go ahead, judge. I don't mind.), takes clothes off the hanger and hands them to me. We are a very well-oiled machine. The Gap salespeople look at us in awe.

- My mom offers advice and, occasionally, some extra funds. I'm a girl on a budget, so I'm often faced with buyers' dilemma (and, sometimes, buyers' remorse). Can't decide between jeans and a shirt? Mom will help. New pair of shoes or a great bag? Ask Mom. Guilt after a minor purchase? Call Mom. She's the regular Solomon of shopping. If I could, I'd bring her (or her voice) with me on every shopping trip.

The only downside to shopping with my mom? Sometimes I spend a little more money than I typically would. What can I say? She finds me the deals.

So, your turn: Who's your favorite shopping buddy? What's your best shopping tip?

* Let's face it, married ladies: Husbands can be fun to go shopping with, but it's definitely a different kind of shopping. Am I right or am I right? 


Kari said...

My mom is also my best shopping buddy, because both of us are no-nonsense shoppers. Get in, get what you want, get out.

My husband is also good to shop with, because he has different ideas for how things can be used or might be needed around our house.

My #1 shopping tip is the "20 minute sweater rule" from Gilmore Girls. I have trouble buying things for myself, but if I am still thinking about it 20 minutes later, I go back and get it. I have regretted too many things that I really wanted but couldn't talk myself into buying.

lisa said...

your mom is the best shopper. everyone should get to go shopping with her at least once!

Brooke Bailey said...

I shop alone mostly. I feel like I can look at my own pace. But my shopping tip, TJ Maxx. I rarely buy regular priced clothing unless I am splurging.

Bec said...

Ah! It totally sounds like you are talking about me and my mom or grandma. Line for line (sharing the dressing room? so much more time efficient.) Love it!