Thursday, June 3, 2010

i've been holding out on you.

{from here}

Sometimes, I keep certain things to myself because I think they're cool, and I want to relish in their cool-ness all by myself. I like knowing that something is my little secret to keep.

Unfortunately, what I like soon pops up on blogs everywhere, and guess what? It just looks like I'm a big fat poser joining the bandwagon late in the game.

So, at the risk of looking like aforementioned poser, I bring to you The Girls with Glasses Show. I realize that by now, you've probably already heard of the project. It came across the blogosphere a few weeks ago. However, let the record show that I "discovered" the brainchild of Eliza Magazine editor Summer Bellessa and singer/songwriter Brooke White (of American Idol fame) long before it was cool. I'm just sayin'.

You can check out episodes of the show here, and catch up on all the latest happenings on their blog.


Oh, and one last thing: In order to try to beat the mass of bloggers everywhere, I'm sharing these beauties with you today. Before anyone else. (Unless you happen to be friends with my friend, in which case you've probably already seen these.)

That's right, folks. Toms is now making wedges. You're welcome. Feel free to spread the word. (And tell them Annie sent ya.)


Brooke Bailey said...

toms wedge = our newest obsession.

La Bella Donna said...

Annie, I know Toms is doing good work but they are pretty expensive for canvas/linen shoes. Do they ever have sales or is this the kind of thing that if I want one I should just bite the bullet?

Jessica said...

i want those shoes!!!!!!