Friday, May 21, 2010

boston: day 3 and a recap.

And finally, day 3. Our flights went out at 1:00, so we took a quick walk around the block to Fenway for a few photos.

Of all the major cities I've visited, Boston might just be my favorite. I love NYC, and the food in Chicago was AMAZING, but Boston has a completely unique feel. In fact, I think what I love most about Boston is that it doesn't feel too big. The green spaces are beautiful, and the city has done a fabulous job of growing around the historical landmarks. I wouldn't mind calling Beantown home one day.

And, say what you will, but I think those accents are wicked hot.*

*Don't worry. I think my husband's is hotter.

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paula said...

I am originally from Boston and love it! I think I need a trip back soon.