Friday, April 9, 2010

right place, right time.

I’m a teacher.

Perhaps you didn’t know this about me. It’s a little-known fact.

Every Thursday night, Jordan and I head out to my school where I teach two of the best students on the planet.

See, the “fuzzins” are homeschooled. And my aunts recruited me to be their English teacher, a gig I happily accepted.

I developed a literature curriculum and assigned a book to read per month. I grade their papers, help them develop their writing skills, and am generally overly-enthusiastic about the entire process.

And, as if the joy of teaching weren’t reward enough, Jordan and I get a free meal and good conversation each Thursday.

We are spoiled.

This week is the girls’ spring break. I figured Thursday night would go by sans school, but when our pantry was empty and a dinner offer came our way, we didn’t say no.

I’m glad we didn’t, for oh-so-many reasons.

When we walked into the door, we were created with sounds of the Seminole fight song, two teenagers who were being forced to do the “chop,” and the smell of steak in the air.

It was my congratulations dinner.

You know, for getting into FSU grad school.

For potentially following in the footsteps of family who have walked the quad before me.

It was the best.

Mostly because I felt loved.

I suspect I say it enough, but in case I don’t: I love my family.


I just don’t know what I’d do without them.

And last night, as we ate together and talked religion, politics, and funny family memories, I knew that I was right where I’m supposed to be.

Who knows what changes may come. Who knows if FSU is the place for me.

All I know is that last night, I was in the right place.

And my eight months as an English teacher reached their culmination when my cousin informed me she’d been writing for fun.


I thought I might wet myself.

She proceeded to show me paragraphs written about various family members, including this gem (in its original format, for your enjoyment):

Annie sue Butterworth Jones or as I like to call her butterfly. Annie is one of my favorite fuzzins (friend and cousin put together). She is ten years older then me and there is nothing that will tare us apart. Annie was and is my personal cheerleader, my teacher, and my sister. We aren’t really sister but we say that we are because we are that close. I love how we still watch movies together, spend the night together even though Jordan and Annie are married we still play and do some of the fun things we used to do. I am glad you and Jordan are a fun happy married couple. I love how we share a bond for loving rascal flats and that we laugh and make new memories.

And again I say:

In this moment, I am right where I should be.

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Lindsey said...

This post brings me so much joy. I love your family, and how they are so good at reminding you of how wonderful you are. Because you are wonderful.

And I'm also glad you aren't leaving Tallahassee yet. Mainly because I'm selfish and I don't want to say goodbye yet.

Congratulations friend!