Thursday, April 29, 2010

how sweet.

Everyone knows what it’s like at the end of the month, right?

No money, no food, no clean clothes…

It starts getting noticeable around the 25th. I realize our pantry is looking bare, and our grocery envelope (thank you, Dave) is empty.

This month, with friends’ and families’ birthdays to celebrate, things have been especially tight, so tight that I’ve gone without breakfast for a couple of days.

I realize this seems ridiculous, since so many of you probably go without breakfast every day. The truth is, though, I’m a tiny person with a high metabolism who was raised on breakfast food. So I need to eat something, even if it’s just a Poptart (Wild Berry, please).

On Tuesday, I met Jordan downstairs as I was headed out the door for work.

“Hey, is there anything I could eat for breakfast this morning?”

He stopped crunching his cereal in his mouth. (Yes, folks, he eats dry cereal by the handfuls for breakfast every morning. No spoon. No sitting down. He even takes it into the bathroom with him. Gross.)

“Yeah, I got those muffins out for you to have,” he said excitedly.

I remembered that we had purchased some chocolate chip muffin mix for me to turn into edible breakfast food.

“You mean you made the muffins, or you got out the box of muffin mix?”

Jordan looked a little sheepish. “Well, I just got out the box. You know. To remind you to make them.”

Dried muffin mix sounds like a delicious breakfast to me. Thanks, dear.

(I suppose it goes without saying that the muffin mix still sits untouched on our kitchen counter.)


jenna said...

Ha! That just made me laugh so hard!

Amanda said...

Ah, men...

JennBrenn said...

hahaha. That is so funny!!!!

Sabrina said...

Young or old...these men are too much! My daddy keeps telling me that no one will marry me until I learn to make my bed every morning! That will be the deciding factor;)
Pssst Jordan, sit down while you eat before you choke please.