Sunday, March 28, 2010

telling a story.

This morning in Bible class, our teacher posed this question:

"If you could go back in your life and erase those hard, trying moments -- those moments that you hated and wished would end -- would you?"

The results were mixed. The teacher himself admitted that he'd erase some things, like the fact that two of his children have diabetes, but would want other things to remain "as is."

I myself fall into the category of those who wouldn't want to change a thing (knock on wood). I've learned so much from the painful, hard moments. I've learned who I am and, perhaps more importantly, who my God is. Those trying times also, I believe, help me write a better, more interesting story. I'm sure my recent reading of A Million Miles plays a part in that belief, but I also think my background as a lover of English and books helps me understand the importance of conflict in our stories, how moments of triumph and glory cannot come without a little bit of pain or heartache.

So, what do you think? Would you alter your own story? Erase some of the more heartbreaking moments (for the record, my husband would)? I'm curious. What would you do?

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1 comment:

chet said...

I could do without the first half of last semester and the second half of this semester.

I don't see how they're helping my story. Everything else can stay.