Tuesday, March 2, 2010

reading recap: february.

A reading recap for the month of February.

Book: The Hottest State
Finished: Early February

A friend loaned me several books, and Ethan Hawke’s (yes, that Ethan Hawke) was one of them. I’ll say this: Ethan’s got some skill. His Holden-esque protagonist did drive me a little loopy, though, which begs the question: Do we outgrow coming-of-age tales? I tend to think not, but read Hawke’s novel knowing you’re going to be left feeling angst-ridden and depressed.


Book: Justice in June
Finished: Late February

On occasion, I’m asked to read books for work. (Um, dream job? Yes.) This mystery, written by a Miami judge, was one of those. I’ll be writing a formal review for our June publication, but Justice in June is a page-turner I’d recommend for a fun beach read.


Book: The Forgotten Garden
Finished: Late February

This month’s book club pick is part Francis Hodgson Burnett, part The Time Traveler’s Wife. Author Kate Morton does a nice job of weaving three separate characters’ stories across the generations. This is definitely one of our better book club picks, though I will say: Reading 450 pages in one day is not for the faint of heart (but is necessary when you’re a procrastinating book club member with a looming novel before you).


I’m still working on A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Book club took precedence, so Eggers’ book will have to be a part of March’s list.

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Elizabeth said...

I think it's possible to outgrow a certain kind of coming-of-age tale. People never quit coming-of-age, but we do get past certain milestones. Maybe this book was one of those you've gotten over.