Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In one year, I will reach a milestone.

I will be a quarter of a century old.

{Excuse me while I throw up.}

All better.

This is going to be a good year. I can feel it.

To ensure that it is good, I give you:

25 to do before 25.

We’ll call it 25/25. Because I love a good marketing ploy.

I will chart my progress here.

Support my efforts, and, if you so choose, create your own.

launch website promoting graphic design and editing services.
visit the west coast.
begin graduate school.
pray the hours.
read 24 previously unread books.
go on a spiritual retreat.
sew my t-shirt quilt.
play hooky.
bake a rainbow cake.
write enough prayers to see God working.
attend a book signing.
take a photography class.
watch the original star wars movie with jordan.
try a new breakfast place once a month.
be a tourist in tally for a day.
plan (and participate in) a girls’ weekend/reunion with faraway friends.
study the bible with jordan once a week.
print new business cards.
sing alto throughout an entire church service.
throw a party or two.
send handmade birthday cards.
make pizza from scratch.
climb a tree.
finish the Bible in a year.

There you have it. What say you? Was I too ambitious? Did I leave something off?

If you were making your own list, what would be on it?

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

this sounds like a brilliant plan for a year! i would love to join in some of these endeavors when i return. and i don't think this is too ambitious. it is always a good thing to dream, as long as we don't get upset if all of our dreams don't come true. have a splendid time with all of these activities!