Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 random thoughts.

Some things you may not know:

- I giggle at inappropriate times. Like the closing scene of The Notebook. In a sold-out theatre.

- I sing very loudly in my car. 80s ballads and duets are my specialty (I sing the man’s part).

- I talk to myself. (I promise I'm not crazy.)

- I lose jewelry constantly. I’m paranoid of losing my wedding and engagement rings, particularly during these winter months, when my hand shrinks to the size of a small child’s.

- I run into walls, resulting in bruises-- and odd looks from coworkers.

- I re-read my blog posts before publishing them just to make sure they’re funny enough. Most of the time, I’m satisfied.

- Now that Pandora has been banned from my work, I just listen to Brandi Carlile’s website all day long. {Any Tallahasseans interested in seeing her in concert? Pretty please??}

- I’m not a procrastinator, but in adulthood, I’m discovering I work way better under pressure. Good thing I’m a journalist, and my life is dictated by deadlines.

- I dance in the grocery store. I've discovered that Toms are the best footware for such an occasion, as they allow maximum opportunity for sliding.

- I prefer my books to look loved. So, yes, I dog-ear and scribble throughout (only if the text is scribble-worthy, however). This poses a problem when I borrow books from others. Lately I've been catching myself mid-dog ear.


Lindsey said...

i'm so glad we're friends. insert my name into some of these scenarios and they fit so well, especially the talking to myself, running into walls, and scribbling in and doggy-earring books (i've been taking out library books...and trying to resist this urge).

oh, and most of your posts make me smile and laugh.

jenna said...

Funny, those things that Lindsey commented on are the same things that I was going to comment on! It's a little ridiculous how often I run into walls, and there is a reason I don't borrow books often...