Friday, January 1, 2010

to 2010.

The past year has provided me with a lot of inspiration, a glimpse into who I want to be in 2010.

This year, I don’t just want to make resolutions. {Neither does my brother.}

What I really want is to become a better version of myself.

I think this can best be accomplished not by resolutions, but by an overall vision.

My vision is this:

To live simply and deliberately for my Lord.

I like it. I wish I could be Jewish and strap it around my hands and bind it to my forehead.

I want to remember it and live it.

Whatever aspects of my life do not fall into that vision will have to be removed.

I want my life to revolve around this new vision, this mission statement for 2010.

And in the spirit of the new year, I do have some resolutions, all of which I believe will help me live more simply and deliberately:

- read my Bible daily
- pray the hours
- weekly examine Scripture with Jordan
- say goodnight prayers together with Jordan
- keep commitments limited and purposeful
- make bed every day
- do laundry every two weeks
- go for evening walks
- cook dinner twice a week
- tackle a crafting project once a month

Can you guess which one of those “resolutions” is going to be most tricky to keep? Clearly I have a commitment problem.

So I’m curious. Do you have one too? How do you keep your life simple? How do you say no?


Jordan Jones said...

I love your resolution. I believe that's the crux of what we're called to as Christians: every moment of every day is His, as best as we can possibly give it.

JennBrenn said...

You are both such inspirations to me. I love you both. I can't wait to see pictures from your trip. When are you making a trip to Oklahoma??????