Thursday, January 14, 2010

a good author...

...will make you so jumpy that you can't eat lunch alone.

Which is why today, at home, all by my lonesome, I saw our bedroom door closed (it is never closed), and ran out the door in a frenzy, just sure one of three occurrences had taken place.

Either a) Jordan was dead, or

b) A random individual (perhaps our neighbor?) had hanged herself in our bedroom, or

c) A murder was hiding in our closet, ready to make me his next victim.

Thank you, Tana French, for a terror-filled lunch hour.

{I just finished The Likeness for book club, and highly recommend.}


Jessica said...

wow! i might look into this book. i wish i were in a bookclub.

Anonymous said...

HA! Just moments ago I too had a Tara French inspired scary moment. Picture it...10:30 pm, dark outside, someone rings the doorbell! Ask Mel I froze, I was SO scared! It was the neighbor..Mel had left the light on in her car:)