Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas makes me messy.

There are parts of our house that are beautiful right now.

Like our couch, with its comfy pillows and soft blankets.

Or our tree, glittering in all its glory.

Our front entry, with its welcoming wreathe and tall, skinny snowman.

Even the study is pretty in its own way, covered in wrapping paper and ribbon.

But our bedroom.

Our bedroom is another story.

This one photo gives a pretty accurate picture of our lives around here lately.

Christmas, I need you to come. I need some time off work to do laundry.


Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of all those pretty things you talked about...I'd love to see them!! Love you- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

HA I am SO glad I am not alone! My mom can sure lay on the guilt sometimes!! She makes me think I am the only one who ever left shoes outside the closet:)

Smitten Design said...

you're not alone in your mess. our room looks awfully similar and my dog chewed the strand of christmas lights that plug into the wall so I now have to restand the tree. argh!