Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wedding wednesday: the dress.

This month, Jordan and I will celebrate our one year anniversary (whoop, whoop!). To commemorate this special milestone, I'm sharing little glimpses into our wedding day, with a special anniversary post scheduled for November 22. I hope you enjoy seeing how our big day came together!

First on the agenda? 

The dress. 

For most girls, the wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. 

For me, not so much. 

Wedding dress shopping started off fun, but always ended depressing. 

Nothing fit. 

Everything was strapless. 

I wanted something "me," and I couldn't find it. 

Not in Tallahassee. Not in Montgomery. Not in Birmingham. Not in Moultrie at the ever-popular Bridal Barn. 

Not anywhere, until finally, I found it in one of the hundreds of magazines we had laying around the house. 

There it was. The dress. 

Of course, it was J.Crew. 

And of course, it was discontinued. 

{the daphne.}

So, my mother did what only my mother would do. 

She found someone to make me my own. 

With polka dots.

And finally, I had the dress I'd been looking for.

Thanks, Mom. You always did get me.

{Yes, those are blue Converse tennis shoes. Did you honestly think I'd wear heels? My dress had polka dots, for pete's sake.}

So, note to anyone planning their big day: It's okay if you hate trying on dresses. 

You are not alone. 

Just hold out. You'll get the one you always knew you wanted. I sure did.

{photos courtesy of Kimel Photography. dress by Haley Lauren Couture.}

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Cassimus T. said...

ugh, the dress part was my LEAST favorite! I swear i tried on 40 dresses in 3 hours and NOTHING was right
thank goodness I finally found the one (and i still had second thoughts!)..half price off the rack..soo very vintage..gotta love it when that happens:)