Thursday, November 19, 2009

wedding wednesday: details.

No worries: this is the last wedding post leading up to our anniversary this Sunday. It's been fun to go back through pictures and see what made our day so special. I wanted to share just a few last details with all of you, beginning with...

Instead of lighting a unity candle, Jordan and I decided to do something a little different. We decided to wash each other's feet. It's an event that holds deep significance for both of us, and as a song played softly in the background, Jordan and I showed each other (and our friends and family) what marriage really means: serving each other.

My mom and I chose to use mismatched plates from thrift stores-- I think the look turned out great!

A closer look at the plates and napkin holders (made by my 90-year-old grandmother).

Didn't the tables turn out beautifully? We used brown tablecloths and fall flowers in the center. 

The head table had quilts instead of the typical tablecloth. It was just the look I was going for! It was so fun to sit and share a meal with our closest friends and family.

I designed the programs myself, which saved A LOT of money. So, if you've got a wedding coming up and need some help... Let me know!

While guests mingled before lunch began, we had hot chocolate (or Jones soda) and boiled peanuts for our guests. Love it!

Great guestbook idea: we bought a beautiful picture book of Newport, RI, where we chose to take our honeymoon. Guests signed throughout the book. Now we have a unique coffee table piece reminding us of all the people who chose to be with us on our wedding day.

Centerpieces again.

Our wedding favors might have been my favorite thing. In homage to my maiden name (Butterworth), we sent guests home with little bottles of syrup (you know, like Mrs. Butterworth). Some said "A Sweet Occasion" and others, like the one above said "Mrs. Jones' Syrup." So cute!

It took us forever to find our caketoppers. They're pricey, and I had yet to discover Etsy. These, though, were pretty cute.

So, there you have it. Our wedding in a few Wednesday (and now Thursday) blog posts. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our wedding day! I've loved sharing it with all of you!

Our anniversary is in three days and counting! Ahh!


Betsy said...

Annie, I love looking at pictures of your wedding! I think the best words that come to mind are: charming, idyllic, and original. Everything about it had such character, and I love that you seemed to truly enjoy the many couples get too stressed out and forget to soak in the details of it all. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary!

Anonymous said...

What a dreamy day. It was like a big ol' family reunion. I loved every minute! It was a good thing y'all had it outside, for I doubt a sheltered area could've held all the joy and love at your wedding.
-leigh b.