Saturday, October 3, 2009

To whom it may concern

Dear Mr. Gervais,

I suppose this all bothers me more than it should. What can I say? I guess I just take my faith seriously. I realize that's probably hard for you to understand, but I'd like to explain in hopes that you might feel one ounce of remorse toward belittling the God that I serve (and the God you will one day have to answer to).

First off, I think you're a comedic genius. Really. The Office might just be my favorite show of all-time, and although I've never seen the British version, I'll give you partial credit for the U.S.' hilarious adaptation. I've also seen you interviewed on several occasions, and you've never ceased to entertain. That's something, considering you don't always have a script in front of you. In addition, Ghost Town remains a favorite of both my husband and me (though under appreciated, I think, at the box office).

But to the point at hand.

You are an atheist. 

And you chose to make a movie about it. 

Good for you. I admire someone who stands up for their beliefs. What I do not admire, however, is hiding behind laughs and well-positioned marketing to sell your movie as nothing more than your latest comedic endeavor. I wish you would have at least had the nerve to own up to the fact that this film is nothing more than your personal belief about the God billions of people call their own.

In a sense, all the marketing done for The Invention of Lying has, in fact, been a lie. How clever! Way to go, Warner Brothers. You definitely had me going. Unfortunately, I consider myself a savvy consumer, and I research my films before I shell out $20 at AMC.

But, this isn't a letter toward Warner Brothers, is it? Nope, this is to a talented writer and comedian who chose to make a movie that doesn't just poke fun at God, but calls Him the biggest lie ever told.

My, how original.

Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Not because you are an atheist, but because your beliefs-- and they are beliefs, like it or not-- about God are so very small.

See, the God I serve and call Father doesn't just sit up in His throne in the sky, pouring down edicts and striking us with lightening when we behave badly.

My God is bigger than that, and He loves me more than that.

My God doesn't choose to reign in the unreachable sky. 

He instead chooses to reign here, where I am, on the earth He created out of pure joy. 

He wakes me up each morning and provides my every breath and the blue sky I love. He blesses me with talent, with work, with family. He guides my feet, watches my path, and listens to my voice.

He cares so much about me that He gave of Himself so that one day, I could be with Him face-to-face.

What's more, He did the same for you.

The God I know is crossing his fingers for you, hoping you'll change your mind. He undoubtedly sends His angels to you, protecting you and comforting you, even when you do not deserve it. 

He cares about us both, loves us both. 

The only difference is that I love Him back. 

I have given my life to Him, and you know what? It wasn't hard or painful. It didn't rid me of my independence or ruin my chance at happiness. 

It made me better. 

A better daughter, a better wife, a better sister, and a better friend. 

A better writer, a better listener, a better worker. 

Perhaps you don't want to be better, and that's where the truth comes in. 

You don't have any God-shaped hole or desire for more. 

You're just a sad little man who gains success and attention not for your talent, but for your stance on something wildly off-base and completely untrue. 

My only real request is that if you are going to bash my God, please, do some research first. 

Stop spreading lies about the almighty God who rules this universe, who created your very breath.

Most of us left the "my God sits in the clouds looking down on me" stage of our faith behind with our diapers. 


A proud daughter of a loving, kind Father 


Jordan Jones said...

Great post. I love you, and your strong love for our God.

mom said...

Bravo!! You should send this somehow to the Hollywoodlites who think that the majority of folks are just to stupid to see through their veils. This brings back memories of converse tennis shoes being promoted by Dennis Rodman. Make your voice count and send this to Warner Bros. Remember our sarcastic reply from Converse? Then remember that only a few weeks later Rodman was no longer their spokesman? I believe our voices added with the other intelligent folks out there make a difference~ XXOO mom

katie said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this! I had no idea and wanted to see it. Maybe I should start researching like you.

jenna said...

I'm with Katie. I had no idea. I'd really only seen the commercial once, and it looks funny yes, but now that I know more of what it is about, I'm no longer laughing.

Start praying now for all the doubting people of the world who see this movie and leave feeling more convinced of the lies satan has been feeding them.