Wednesday, September 30, 2009

some notes.

A few letters of my own:

Dear Mr. Polanski,
Please just go to prison already. I'm tired of you and your Hollywood supporters.

Dear John Krasinski, 
I didn't think you could get any cuter. But after this? Well, let's just say my mind has changed.

Dear Coach Meyer,
I hope Tebow's concussion put things in perspective for you. Seriously, get over yourself. Football just isn't worth it. 

Dear Conan,
I wish you came on earlier. I'm sleep deprived thanks to you. But I do think I have a solution. How about you replace Jay? I think we'd all like you better.

Dear Glee,
You're my favorite new show. When will the soundtrack be out?

Dear David,
This might be favorite one yet. I wish I could write like you.

Dear new job,
So, I think this might work.

Dear Tallahassee,
This weather reminds me why I love you. Keep it coming. 

You remain my fall fashion inspiration. And I want to be you.

Dear husband,
Thanks for picking up the slack while I get used to my new job. It's not going unnoticed.

Dear life,
I love you.


chet said...

John Krasinski on Conan last night was hilarious. LOVE CONAN.

And we went through the Conan replaces [kinda] Jay process once already.

jenna said...

Dear Annie,
You make me smile with every post and I miss you a lot. And John Krasinski is incredible. Maybe I should watch Conan...