Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a guest post.

An email from the hubs.
Five years ago,

1) It was a Wednesday night.

2) Jordan Jones and Annie Butterworth were in the throes of a brutal and humiliating pledge week, which including the forgoing of makeup and the eating of dirt.

3) Jordan Jones had a crush on Annie Butterworth. Unfortunately, so did half of the male students at Faulkner.

4) Fortunately, one night earlier, Jordan had had the guts, wherewithal, and foresight to rush up the steps of the Bible building at Faulkner right after pledge activities had finished, to ask Annie out on a mandatory pledge week date.

5) Jordan prepared a piece of gum, which he presented to Annie in light of their date.

6) Jordan and Annie proceeded to a quite conservative Wednesday night church service, where they discussed who were among their best friends. Although neither had known the other for more than 2 months, each put the other at the top of their friend list.

7) Jordan enjoyed his date with Annie, while another girl, Nikki Scott, was not so lucky. She was relegated to the corner of the classroom with another of Kappa's pledges.

8) Jordan was beginning to realize that, if he played his cards right, he just might have a future with this intriguing woman named Annie.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Yes, 5 years ago, the world was a much simpler place. Auburn was 13-0. Both Annie and Jordan enjoyed their simple lives, which consisted of little more than going to class, sleeping, and hanging out. There was no law school. There was no 9-5. There was no thought of school payments, or of light bills, or of marriage, or of where one's next meal would come from.

But 5 years ago, Jordan and Annie's story was 5 years less what it is today. There had been no incident at the rock. No broken glasses. No flung hats. No proposal with Converse tennis shoes. No mud incidents. No quirky dates. No handshakes. And so began the adventure that would grow into a long, fun, quirky, and happy relationship. Jordan and Annie. Here's to 5 more.


P.S.--Doesn't this sound like a blog?!


bear said...

when u guys were telling us in class i already new because i read your blog.

Jessica said...

i like it. any blog that has wherewithal in it is ok in my book! furthermore, any guy who says wherewithal is probably a good catch! congrats to you two.

katie said...

ah! too cute, I love it!

Anonymous said...

precious. absolutely precious.

jenna said...

Could you two be any more perfect for each other?!

Love it! Good job, Jordan!

morgan said...

i love this. seriously.