Monday, August 3, 2009

savannah snapshots.

My digital camera died.

Conveniently, the day our Savannah trip began.

These are the photos I was able to snap throughout our trip.

More are waiting to be developed.

From our $5 disposable camera.

It's like I'm living in 1999.

Aside from our camera debacle, we had a blast this weekend.

Savannah might be our new favorite city.

Between the sensational strawberry ice cream and the ghosts creeping in the trees, what's not to love?

More pictures of our little getaway to come... After CVS calls saying the film is ready. Do they even do that anymore?


Anonymous said...

Precious Pics!!! Can't wait for CVS to call ~ uh don't count on it unless you asked them to! Call them yourself for best results :)

mom said...

Ooops let me try that again

Jordan Jones said...

Haha...they turned out well...especially the bathrobe one. Those bathrobes were a nice touch in that hotel...

Anonymous said...

What a cute hat!!!!

Anonymous said...

So neat! I didn't know you guys went to Savannah- I'm super jealous! Love you! Jennifer