Thursday, August 20, 2009

the only thing we have to fear.

What a week it’s been.

The reason people need relaxing weekends at the lake is because our weeks are nightmarish in their busy-ness.

Monday: book club

Tuesday: bro and girlfriend over for dinner

Wednesday: teach 13 hooligans about Scripture (which judge beat off the Philistine army with an ox goad?) while playing four corners

Thursday: host Bible study and make dessert for six

And then, what it all really boils down to:



Also known as: Doctor Day.

It should be mentioned that visiting the doctor has become my least favorite thing.

More than gross, soggy vegetables.

More than strange hair in the drain.

More than long fingernails on men.

I really hate going to the doctor.

I can sit through an hour-long acupuncture treatment.

I can keep my eyes open during the world’s most boring staff meeting.

And hold my tongue in front of a group of mean girls (mostly).

But it’s the doctor that I despise the most.

This week, I’ve been overcoming my fears.

First, tubing on the lake. This was breakthrough numero uno.

Then, calling a stranger and inviting them to church. Breakthrough number two.

Finally, breakthrough number three which I won’t discuss here. It’s job-related, and I like to keep that under wraps. At least for now.

So now I wait.

For tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, I’m hoping for breakthrough number four.

A doctor’s visit that goes smoothly.

Without me thrashing about and screaming for my mommy. (Do you think I’m joking?)

The irony to all this is that those previous fears, those aforementioned breakthroughs?

Those were childish trepidations that I overcame because…

Now I’m 23. Practically an adult.

But this fear of the doctor

It’s rather ironic

And therefore, perhaps more difficult to overcome.

Because, when I was five




The doctor was a piece of cake.

This fear I have now

Came with adulthood.


I’m hoping for a breakthrough any way.

(It should also be noted that I decided-- wisely? stupidly?-- to schedule both my doctor's and dentist's appointments on the same day. Tomorrow is going to be rough.)

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jenna said...

Ooo girl, I hate the dentist way more than the doctor. But I feel your pain. I'd also like to mention that a few weekends ago, I, too, overcame my fear of the water sport called tubing. Yay us!

Love you!