Friday, August 28, 2009

the headband.

I have this love/hate relationship with headbands.

Always have.

When I was in the 4th grade, my mom finally permitted me to wear headbands instead of the standard size-of-a-flying-saucer hairbow.

I was overjoyed.

Until I realized that beauty comes with a price.

And the headbands I’d been dying to wear pinched the snot out of my brain.

I promise, I thought I saw brain juice coming out of my ears.

Headaches and tears ensued.

So I gave up on headbands.

For years.

And years.

Until I fell in love all over again after buying one from The Gap, of all places.

Oh, it pinches my brain.

And I end the day with a slight pain in my temples.

But it's just too stinking cute. (And headbands are the only hair accessory remotely accommodating to those of us with shorter locks.)

So I’d personally like to add these to my repertoire:

Annabelle Headband, from Bebecha

Lilypad headband, from Heart of Light

Rosebud headband, from Heart of Light

Mae headband, from Bebecha

All I can say is, welcome back, long lost hair accessory. Welcome back.


Jessica said...

Do you think I'm too old to wear headbands like that? I'll be 28 in december. Because the thing is, I've been wanting one. I almost bought one from anthropologie a few weeks ago, but backed out at the last minute thinking that people would make fun of me.

I really like the ones on miss ruby sue's etsy website as seen on cjane's blog.

annie said...

I definitely think you could pull it off! When I was searching on Etsy, some of the "models" looked much older than 28... I think they'd look fantastic on you; treat yourself to one after you get your new bangs! :)

Jessica said...

I don't feel 27. And I've never know anyone to think that I looked 27. Most people assume I'm 24ish. It's documented. Maybe I'll find the courage to take the plunge.

jenna said...

Do it Jessica!

And the headband/headache thing, Annie... I completely understand. One day I even felt like I was going to pass out. (Wasn't sure if the headband was the actual problem or not, but I blame it.) Tight sunglasses tend to do the same thing. I always wondered, "Do I just have an incredibly large head?!" Well, reading your post today helped me to see that I don't. I am not alone in this!

Unless we both just have really big heads...


Rachel said...

Awwww...thanks for including mine on your list!
FYI - I have the headache issue too, so the ones I make are just plain grosgrain ribbon. I use a couple of crossed bobby pins on each side to keep them in place. Voila - no pinching!