Sunday, August 9, 2009

back-to-school resolutions.

Around this time of year, I always feel resolution-y. I'm ready for new beginnings. I suppose it's the 18 years of first-days-of-schools I've endured (and now miss). I watch on Facebook as so many friends head back to school, some of them for the last time, and I wonder if they get it. If they know what awaits them when there are no more back-to-schools.

I guess they don't.

And that's okay. Because I think if I had known, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy those last semesters like I did.

The point, though, isn't that I'm sad no first day of school awaits me this year. I know I'll get my turn. Instead, I'm focusing on channeling this back-to-school, new beginnings feeling into some positive changes for me and Jordan. Some autumn* resolutions, if you will:

+ buy local produce.
+ join gym and exercise there 2 - 3 times a week.
+ begin a personal Bible study routine.
+ pray over the people on my prayer list at least twice a week.
+ set aside one day a week as a "catch-up" day to do laundry, clean the kitchen, straighten the living room, tackle freelance projects, etc.
+ limit my commitments.
+ support local and foreign missions.
+ purchase only clothes that will be worth their cost (i.e., how many times will I wear this $40 shirt?)
+ complete graduate school applications and pray over where they might take us.
+ tackle debt in a practical way.
+ enjoy time together in our last few months of our first married year.

Jordan is going to be working more this fall in between his course load, so we'll have a little more money than we've had thus far in our married lives; I'd like us to be practical in the way we use it. I want us to give to worthy causes and to focus on tackling my school and car debt (both are slowly getting smaller. Hooray!).

A friend of ours just told us about a gym in town that I get a discount with (there are benefits to living in the real world after all!). We're considering laying out the small monthly fee to get back in the habit of making our bodies healthy and fit.

Finally (but most importantly), I want to be more dedicated in my spiritual life this fall. It seems like I let life get in the way. I become too tired, too focused on other "stuff'," and I put growing closer to my Savior on the backburner. Now seems like a great time to renew my spiritual fervor. Our Bible study group is about to being Stepping Up, a study by Beth Moore; it should provide ample opportunity for some alone time: just me and the One who loves me most.

Whew! This fall promises to be busy, but I'm looking forward to new season. I love the summer so much, but I love the change autumn brings (when it finally arrives). Here's to a fresh, new start!

*Autumn, of course, is a relative term in Florida. Since it sort of doesn't exist. Sad, I know.

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Anonymous said...

I've personally always felt that there were 2 new years. The one in January and the New School Year! It is a really good time to get back into good habits. Almost better than Jan. to me. We've rested, vacationed, etc.; we're ready to "begin anew". There is so much to be praying about! And, I might add, North Florida has "Autumn" it's just in November! How great is that???